Success! Dream it for yourself!

This year, I’m all about setting dreams and goals for myself.  In fact, just the other day, I posted my ideas on setting up dreams and goals for myself on my Inspirational Blog.

But, on this blog, I want to discuss my writing goals – not just personal goals – since this is my writing blog after all.

Okay, so I’m a huge believer in achieving goals that I have for myself.  Me writing them down is more encouragement.  (Previously, I haven’t been writing them down.)  I’m experimenting with how lists now!  Listen to the achiever who was buried deep inside of me!  lol

I’m still a procrastinator, which I’m praying won’t keep me from obtaining my goals for this year.

But, there was something that I heard my pastor’s son say in church, and I asked him to send me the details, that had me thinking about my decision to write down my goals.

Dr. David Cole (Virginia Tech Professor) found the following:
People who wrote their goals earned 9 times as much as those who didn’t.
He asked people “What are your goals for life?”
80% didn’t know.
16% have goals but never have written them down.
4% written their goals but never review them.
1% wrote goals and review them on a weekly basis

Those 1% are millionaires.

Maybe they have the right idea.  So, I’m trying it.  I don’t know if I’ll be a millionaire, but why not?  Why can’t I be one?  I really just want to be a best-seller on something besides just Amazon. 😉  lol

My goals for writing:

  1. Finish Knight’s Academy Book 1 of my Knight’s Academy Trilogy.
  2. Find an agent for it.
  3. Get a big fat advanced check.

Why not?  Why can’t that happen to me?  I’m believing that it will!

So, why not write down your dreams/goals and review them everyday.  Seriously.  What can it hurt?

I’ve decided to write down my goals on a desktop wallpaper because I know for a fact that I’ll see them more that way!  I’m made one up to share on my blogs.  So feel free to save the picture here and edit for yourself!

I wish you success in your writing life and daily life!



13 thoughts on “Success! Dream it for yourself!

  1. Interesting timing; only two days ago I sat down and made a list of things I need to be doing, and then decided that in the next few days I would make myself a detailed list of all the things I want to achieve this year so that I can easily tick things off and see at a glance how far I’m moving towards my goals.

    I’m also on the same wavelength as Emma; 2013’s going to be a year in which things happen.

    Maybe sometime later this year I can sail my gold yacht to wherever you moor your gold yacht and we’ll have our many butlers dance for our amusement 😉


    1. Oh yes! I’m believing that will happen! 😉 If only for our pure entertainment! haha

      I agree though. Things will happen this year. I can feel it!

      I can’t wait to see what all we achieve this time next year!


  2. We write down our writing goals at the first meeting of the year in our writers’ group, but never add our names. The following year we read out the goals and everyone celebrates succeeding at somebody’s dream, so we’re all winners.


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