Finish the Story!

Seriously.  Finish my story.  I don’t want to.  I have no idea where I want it to go.

This story came from a prompt from my good friend, G.r. Bliss.  You can find that post here.

Now, to the story.  I really wasn’t a big fan of it, but G.r. talked me into sharing it with him.  He didn’t mind reading it so much, so I’m sharing it with you guys.  But, of course, I want you to finish the story.  Is it her husband?  Is it someone else?  Is a werewolf saving her – oh wait, that’s been done.

Finish the story.    And if your ending wins, I’ll send you a free paperback copy of one of my books, your choice.  (Sorry, no international shipping, but you will get a digital copy if you win!)  🙂  You have until the 14th to send your ending.  It can be as long or as short as you like.  The winner will be announced on the 20th!

Send it to emerald_barnes (at) yahoo (dot) com – subject line “Short story ending”  I look forward to reading what you have to write!

My hands were numb.  In fact, my whole body was numb, but it wasn’t from the snow and cold wind that surrounded me.

I walked with no destination in mind, needing to escape.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  I really didn’t understand much.

I slipped my hands into the pockets of my jeans, hoping that would warm them.  Snow stuck to the bottom of my slippers.  I hadn’t even bothered to put on real shoes when the letter came.  I had run out the door, dropping the letter in my wake.

I was at the edge of our property.  An old bench sat there, waiting for someone to come along and rest their weary feet.  But, it wasn’t my feet that were weary.

I collapsed on the bench, the snow melting through my jeans.  My body shook with cold chills.  The wind tossed around my hair, and cold tears ran down my cheeks.  I welcomed the tears.  They were the evidence of some emotion coursing through my mind.  It was better than being numb.  Numb I couldn’t handle.

He was gone.  For good.  There was no coming back from this.  Death was permanent.

The rushing of the water down by the creek drew my attention.  I stood, running towards the water.  My slippers fell off, and I tripped over a log.  I picked myself up and continued running.

I came to a stop on the bank of the river.  I could end it.  I could end everything.  The pain.  The tears.  All it would take was a dive into the water, pulling me under the current and taking my body away.

I closed my eyes and prayed for forgiveness.  Would God grant it to me if I took my own life?  The life of our little one growing in my stomach?  I couldn’t live without him.  He was my everything.  But I couldn’t kill our child.  It wasn’t fair to it.  No.  I’d have to find a way to live with the pain.

I caressed my stomach.  I’d just found out.  I was three months pregnant.  He’d been gone for only two months.  How could his death have happened so quickly?  Why would God let him die?

With one longing glance at the river, I walked back towards the house, praying for some kind of relief.

Someone called my name as I sank to my knees, looking towards the sky.  Cold snow fell on my face.  My body shook violently, and I knew that I had to get inside and warm up my body for the baby’s sake.  But my legs wouldn’t work.  I had no will to keep going.

I sank down, lowering my entire body to the ground.  I covered my head and violent sobs shook my body.


I was going insane.  I could hear him saying my name.

“Traci.  Get up.”

I wanted to lay here, give in to my insanity if it meant hearing him speak my name one more time.

Warm hands picked me up easily and carried me inside.  A blanket was placed over my body, and a blurry figure walked away from me.

“Oh, Traci.”

The person rested a hand on my forehead.  “You shouldn’t have been out there.”

I forced my eyes open and blinked away the tears.

28 thoughts on “Finish the Story!

  1. Once I was able to completely open my eyes. I saw a white ray of light and then I saw him.

    ” Traci, please go back and don’t do anything foolish, a voice called out.

    At first I was not sure if I was hallucinating. Then I was able to see him.

    ” Adam, I cried out. ” Is it really you?”
    ” Yes, Traci it is me!”

    As he got closer, I could not help and wonder how this was even possible.

    ” Now Traci, he said. ” Please go back to the house before you it is too late.
    ” I am sorry Adam, I just can’t! I cried out .

    ” Traci, please listen to me darlin, he pleaded. ” What you are planning on doing is not the way baby!” Then he paused and said,
    ” Especially now.”

    ” What do you mean?” I asked nervously.
    ” You know what I mean, he stated. ” I am talking about our baby. “Oh, Adam you know about that? I said as tears once again rolled down my eyes.

    ” Yes, I know he said. Please baby, this is not the way.
    ” I am sorry Adam, I never meant to hurt anyone, I just miss you!
    ” I know Traci, he said. ” But you must know I will love you and our
    baby through eternity”.

    As he leaned closer to kiss me. I felt a light shine once again. Then
    I began to feel myself fall down. The next thing I knew, I was back
    in my warm bed at home. ” Thank you God for allowing me to see
    Adam once again, and for helping me see the light”. Then I
    grabbed my belly and said a prayer for my unborn child.



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  3. ashley armstrong

    What if it really is the guy rescuing her and that had all been a nightmare? Cliche’ I know lol! It’s just what I was thinking when the story ended. 🙂


    1. ashley armstrong

      I was just thinking about the fact that she said he’d only been gone two months and that that wouldn’t make it possible for him to be there to save her. But maybe he hasn’t really left yet and she’s just upset and nervous that he’s leaving and imagining the worst lol


      1. ashley armstrong

        Lol! Thanks, y’all! Emerald, I’d like to, but don’t have much time to write right now. I just wanted to give my take on it lol. Syl, I usually go humor! 🙂


  4. “Daddy?”

    “Yes Teacake?”

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I just came by to make sure you were okay. I know things aren’t easy for you right now and I thought maybe you could use some familiar company for a bit.”

    “How did you get here so fast?”

    “That’s what concerns you right now? What you should be concered about is getting that chill out of your bones. Are you feeling steady yet?”

    “I suppose”

    “Well then how about I make some hot cocoa while you change into dry clothes.”

    And with that, he kissed me on the forehead, turned, and walked into the kitchen. My head was swimming.

    I had been alone when I was outside, and other than the sound of trickling stream water, there was nothing but dead silence. I had also been facing the long gravel driveway – the only entrance to the property – the whole time I was outside. Was I that out of it?

    “Teacake? I have some of those tiny marshmellows. How many do you want in your cocoa?”

    The sudden boom of his voice startled me back to reality.

    “Uh… four or five I suppose”

    I looked around the room and saw my favorite pj’s folded neatly on the chair in the corner. When had I put them there? Wow, I WAS out of it.

    A few minutes later I was dry and heading down the hall to the kitchen… and then it hit me.

    The last time I had seen these pajamas was when they were torn to bits and scattered all over the floor along with shreds of my pillows and the stuffing after my dog, Chansie, had been left alone in the house too long.

    Chansie had died 3 years later… when I was 17.

    “You okay Traci? Come sit down, you look like you’re about to pass out.” And then I did.

    The next thing I knew, I was waking up on the couch with my head in Daddy’s lap.

    “Welcome back.” He said with a wink.


    “It’s alright, Teacake. You just took a little spill in the hallway. I half expected that to happen about now.” And he winked again.

    I rolled a little and turned my head to look directly at him “You did? Why?”

    “Teacake, the minute I saw you out there wandering around, upset and holding your belly like that, I knew you were still hanging on a little too much. That’s a confusing place to be.”

    “Oh Daddy, I miss him so much!”

    “I know you do. And he misses you too. You need to let him go and stop worrying about the baby too.”

    “But what if something goes wrong Daddy! I’m all alone! How am I going to take care of this baby all by myself?”

    “Oh, my little Teacake. I love you so much.”

    “I love you too Daddy, but…”

    “You really need to let go and start to move on. It’s time for you to start seeing things as they are. You can’t change what happened no matter how much your heart wishes for it. You’ve got me and I’ll help you get along now. Take a look at your belly”

    “Oh my…”

    “See? Everything’s going to be fine.”


    He brushed the hair off my forehead and looked at me with all the love a father can have for their child. “He misses you as much as you miss him and, as much as it hurt, he knows how much love it took for you give up your life to save the baby.”


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