Home is Where the Heart Is Hop!

Well guys, I’m part of another blog hop.  We’re having loads of fun discussing home and the heart.

Where does your heart lie?  Well, you’ll have time to answer that question at the end.  Patience, grasshopper.

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I’d like to introduce you to Alexia Wheaton.  She’s my main protag in Read Me Dead.  I love her.  Some don’t, but she’s here to tell you where her home is – or isn’t.

Take it away, Alex!

Home is where the heart is, but where is my home?

My name is Alexia, and I’m seventeen years old. I have a twin brother, an ex I’m still in love with, and a best friend who loves me.  Oh yeah.  I witnessed a terrible murder – my  parents’.

My aunt and uncle have taken me in, but I don’t feel like I belong there.  My cousin hates me and Matty, my brother, because we get more attention than her.  Losing your parents does that.  Apparently everyone showers you with attention if you do.  They want to make sure you don’t jump over the edge, but I’m on the brink for different reasons.  My life is in danger.

So, is home where the heart is?  Not for me.  Not right now.  I know I don’t belong with Marion and Dave.  I belong with my mom and dad.

I have no home.

I want one.  More than anything in this world.  I want my parents to see me fall in love with the man of my dreams.  I want my dad to walk me down the aisle to give me away so I can find a new home, but that will never happen.

I’m homeless.  The man I love hates me, and Marion and Dave’s home isn’t my home no matter how hard they try to make it feel like home.

My past haunts me, and no one can help me.  Not until the man who murdered my parents is dead.  Because then, he can’t rob me of my future, like he did theirs.

Home.  The word is a distant memory now.  Home.  Where does my heart lie?  It’s shattered in pieces and strewn in the Read Me Dead Coversky.

Now – Tell me.  Where does your heart lie?  What is home for you?  Make sure to leave me your email because EVERY PERSON WHO LEAVES A COMMENT GETS A FREE DIGITAL COPY OF READ ME DEAD!  You have until February 18th!


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31 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart Is Hop!

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  2. Catherine

    Home for me is wherever my hubby and cats are. Right now, I just keep going I40 east until it ends and I end up at home.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com


  3. For me home is that place where I am loved, where I can be myself. It is somewhere comfortable, like warm and fuzzy slippers. It is where I feel safe, cared for and comforted.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  4. Home, for me, is where my husband and children are. And when it’s full of friends and extend family, even better. Location doesn’t really matter . . . but a place I can make beautiful is a huge bouns. 🙂


  5. Blue Harvest Creative

    Really great blog and your book looks amazing. But I love your question. It’s a great one and also one that really requires some thought. Home is where you find love and comfort. It doesn’t need to be a house filled with possessions. Home is with your friends who make you laugh and smile. But most of all, home is in the arms of my husband no matter where we are, because he is my home…always.

    Email is: justaddblue (at) blueharvestcreative (dot) com


  6. Sue Sattler

    My home and heart are here with my kids and grandkids and a piece of it is in Heaven with my son that I lost 2 years ago when he was 25. They will always be my home and since two of them decided to move BACK home with three of my grandkids, I don’t have to go to far to visit. 😀


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