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Welcome to the Earth Day Blog Hop brought to you by Candle Light Reads!

Recently, zombies and dystopian series have dominated books, television, and movie theaters around the world!  What is our obsession with this post-apocalyptic world anyways?  Honestly, I don’t know why it’s so popular.  Could you imagine living in a world without electricity, running water, and no toilet paper?  I can’t, and frankly, I don’t want to.

But, I cannot deny the popularity, even with myself, at this subject.  And, honestly, I’m a huge fan of it in the young adult world.  Examples, Warm Bodies, totally my favorite zombie movie (and book) thus far!   I’m looking forward to watching World War Z as well!  And, get this, zombies freak me out!  I’m terrified of zombies!  Vampires, eh.  Zombies, holy crackers, where’s my security blanket when I need it?!  Yet, I’m obsessed with this genre like everyone else.  I cannot explain it, nor do I want to try and explain it.

Honestly, I don’t believe in all the whooplah about the world ending, global warming, yada yada yada.  I don’t want to start an argument about it on here or anything like that, but just because I don’t believe in it, doesn’t mean that it makes any less of an awesome story!

I’ve wanted to write a dystopian/post-apocalyptic tale before, but I haven’t really succeeded in coming up with a good idea except for zombie unicorns, and well, I may try to write a short story about it still.

This has me thinking about what my characters in Read Me Dead might do if they were suddenly thrown into a world of zombies.

Alex, I don’t think she’d made it without someone protecting her, but if she did, she’d have to woman up and learn how to fight.  Seriously, she’s not a fighter.  So, she’d have to do some serious training.

Christian, Matt and Landon, they would be fighters.  In fact, I think they’d be awesome at fighting zombies!  They’ve got that “protect the innocents” attitude as it is.  I could see them taking shotguns and blowing off zombies’ heads like it was nobody’s business.

They’d save the earth if they could, but if they couldn’t save the entire world, they’d save every  human possible.

What do you think about zombies taking the entertainment world by storm?  Are you doing anything to prep for doomsday?!

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      1. Precarious Yates

        While writing, I make it a point not to imagine in too much detail because I’d have the same thing happen!


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