Author Interview: Lynn Donovon, The Wishing Well Curse

Hey guys!  A nice loud round of applause for Lynn Donovan who is joining me for an author interview (and review of the book). 

Welcome, Lynn!

Can you tell us about yourself?

LynnHeadShotWell… I’m 55 years old, married to Paul Donovan who has just finishing a degree in Nursing. YAY! He and I were displaced by GMC’s bankruptcy and small dealership closures. We were distraught when it first happened, because we were not sure how we were going to make it. You know, the usual panic at the unknown future. But, in hind-sight we can see where God’s hand was placing us where he wanted us to be. As it turned out, my mother and sister would soon need me and by being unemployed, I was able to help them. Two and a half years ago, Mother’s early-on-set Alzheimer’s was becoming a serious problem. My sister lives with my mother and has special needs. The results of Rubella Measles, she was born blind and deaf with mental limitations as well. Mother, a widow, was her guardian. And they lived 180 miles from me. It had come to my attention that my sister was doing more of the care taking than mom. So I brought the two of them into our home and this is where they live today. I am now guardian for my sister and will be until death do us part. Being home with the two of them, I found I had a lot of time on my hands. So January 2012 I started writing. God has blessed me abundantly. I give him all the glory for whatever success is manifested from this and any future publications.

So, that’s my home life. Oh and I have the last of four children still living with us. But a nineteen year old boy who’s going to college and on fire for God is no trouble. Laundry here and there, a meal or two, that’s about it!

If I were to describe “me” I’d say God’s purpose for me on this earth was to be the Comic Relief. I have a warped, but fun, sense of humor. I come by it naturally, my father, and his parents were hysterical.

When I was 13, I received something from a random person I met on a TWA flight to New York to see my Uncle. This girl wrote this in my “autograph” book and it has stuck with me all the rest of my life. I consider it my Mission Statement: You ready?  Ahem…May your life be like a snow flake, always leaving a mark and not a stain.

Wow, right?

Where did the idea for your Christian paranormal novel, The Wishing Well Curse, come from?

I think this is an interesting story!  Twenty years ago, I got the idea for the plot from the song “If You Could Read My WWC Cover.FinalMind Love” by Gordon Lightfoot. In particular, the line that says, “Just like an old time movie, ’bout a ghost from a wishing well…”  That got me to thinking. Hmm a guy inherits a huge house, on the land is a wishing well…and there’s a female ghost who is being held captive by a big male ghost. The guy falls in love with the girl-ghost and saves her from the male-ghost. Only to find out she really is a ghost…blah, blah, blah.  Well that’s not the story I wrote but that’s what my original thoughts were.  Then, last spring when I sat down to write something, this story was prevalent in my thoughts…and so I wrote it. We want to move to the Canon City area and so of course I set my story there. My oldest son was my muse for Zeke and he lives in the Austin area…so that’s how the two cities became part of the plot. The myth/folklore I got from research and my own crazzzy imagination. I wrote the Indian tale myself!  *thumbs in armpits* Now the Christian aspect of it came from my current state. I had rededicated my life to Jesus seven years ago and I knew (Reader’s Digest version, here) if I did anything for his glory, his blessing would be upon it. While the story was rolling around in my head, I was going through a year-long bible reading program and came to 1 Chronicles 4:10. I was startled by the profoundness of the passage. I even shared it with my Pastors…because in the middle of all this boring list of names, and numbers. Here lies this little gem. Which, at the time, freed me from something that had bound me in my life. It was an aha! Then it occurred to me it applied to Zeke’s situation too…and so I used it as the platform for the entire story.


I loved how you brought paranormal aspects into your Christian novel. How did you manage that?  Were you afraid that it wouldn’t work?

You know, I didn’t set out to have the Christian aspect of the novel affect the ghosts the way it did. But the way I describe how I write is this. I follow my characters around and write down what they say and do. What worked out for the ghosts in this story is just what happened while I was eavesdropping in on Zeke.  Blame it on him!  LOL

I was never afraid it wouldn’t work out. Because I really didn’t know any better.  After I submitted it to AltWit, Pauline explained to me how some people might have issues with my story. I had to ask why? She explained. And I said, “Oh. Huh, never thought about that.” To me it’s fiction. I don’t believe in ghost in real life, but I love stories about them. So the twist with the Christian aspects that involved the ghost doesn’t bother me, because it’s all make believe in the first place. It made sense, to me, in the story.

Do you plan on branching out into different genres?  Or do you think you’ll stick with paranormal Christian?

I will stick with Christian fiction, and Yes, I have a sequel written I’m calling Thorns of Betrayal and I am polishing it up for publication now. It is Paranormal Christian. (More ghosts!) But! Then I have a draft of a Spec Fic futuristic story I am calling The Fertility Pirates. It’s about a planet way out there that we earthlings are sending missionary helpers who are donating their eggs and helping them with a fertility problem…but something goes wrong and the missionaries come back sterile. Hmmmm??? Why???

And I have another story I want to do to honor my sister. I am calling it Blind and Deaf Faith. It’s about a woman who is blind and deaf, her name is Faith. She is a marine biologist who studies sharks. Her “thing” is that whenever she gets into the ocean water, she transforms into a shark-like being and is no longer blind or deaf. When she gets out, she’s back to her earthly bound limitations.

So that should keep me busy for the next two years!  But I assure you, more ideas are brewing… *wicked grin*

This is Lynn's son, the inspiration for Zeke!
This is Lynn’s son, the inspiration for Zeke!

What’s one thing that you wished you had changed about the book?

Hmm. Good question. I’m thinking. I suppose in reality, the story has been changed, A LOT, from the final version. Like I said, when I first sat down to write this story, I had no idea what I was doing, I wrote by the seat of my pants, so to speak. I learned from How to Write publications, like Jeff Gerke, Ron Benrey, Renni Browne and Dave King. Plus I got involved with an online critique group (an off shoot of Jeff Gerke’s Writer’s forum) and they gentle but firmly tore it apart and helped me learn how to make it a publishable manuscript…you know. Then when I submitted it to Pauline, she had a major change that I made. So I’d say, to answer your question: There’s nothing I’d change NOW. It’s already been done. J

Now for a little fun, what is your favorite day of the week and why?

Oh my Goodness. You ask good questions!  Because I’m home and not working outside the house, every day is the same to me. With the exception that MWF I go to an oil painting class at 1:00. The painting you saw inside this book, I did that! *thumbs in arm pits again* And Sunday we go to church. I love going to church. So I suppose I’d have to say, Sunday is my favorite day. Also I cook a more special meal that day, so that makes it something I look forward to as well.  (Cheesy answer, I know, but it’s all I got.)

Thanks for joining me, Lynn!  Here’s what I had to say about The Wishing Well Curse.

Review: This book had my attention and held it! It follows Zeke Clay who has a terrible day when it first begins: quitting school, losing his girlfriend, and getting laid off of work. He has no where to go until he gets a mysterious letter and a summons to a lawyer’s office.

Deciding he’s got nothing to lose, he drives from Texas to Colorado. What he finds there is a something that wasn’t expected – an inheritance from a man who claims to be his Uncle (with a few greats attached). But there is one condition, he must break the family’s curse.

The curse comes attached with restoring true love and even though Zeke doesn’t want to believe in it, he cannot deny the truth of the story and how it relates to his life.

Okay, first off, let me say, well done Mrs. Donovan for bringing out the faith in a paranormal novel. It isn’t easy to that, and despite having to bend a few rules regarding ghosts and the Bible, it was absolutely well done. And, this is fiction, so I’m not complaining. It was plausible, and in my fiction, that’s what I like. I want it to feel real, and Lynn did this, in my opinion, regarding the mystery level of this piece of work.

However, what I didn’t find realistic was the dialogue for the young men in the novel. I don’t think the dialogue sounded “real” enough. It felt forced and sort of outdated for the times.

Aside from the dialogue, I quite enjoyed the story. I found it very entertaining and addictive.

**I received an ARC for a fair, honest, and unbiased review.**

Four out of Five Stars!

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