Writing Blahs…

I have the writing blahs.  What are the writing blahs?  They aren’t easily defined.  Mostly it’s feeling blah about writing or editing.  Look at that.  I was wrong.  It was pretty simply to define.

So, I seem to have these.  I’m in the process of proofreading Knight’s Academy one (hopefully) final time.  I’m working on a query letter (some), and I’m writing book two in the Knight’s Academy trilogy and a romantic suspense.  I’m either burnt out or just experiencing the “blahs.”  Which in all honesty, it’s probably both.

My sister told me the other day that I needed to take a break.  My response: “I’m too busy to take a day off.”  How sad is that?  Am I really too busy to take a day off?  Will my world suddenly end if I don’t tweet or Facebook or blog for a day?  No.  It wouldn’t, but why can’t I force myself to take a day off?  I’m only causing myself the writing blahs by working over and over and over and over again.

But being a writer really means that we never get a break.  Our minds are constantly working.  We need to fix this, write that, tweet this, update Facebook with something totally witty, write out a saying that will go viral, etc etc etc.  I even dream work!  Then, when I think I’ve finally wrapped up a project, I notice a few things that I need to fix – and then it ends up in more edits!  It’s like it never ends.  Does it?  Geez, I hope so.

This morning I took some time – after my usual “work time” – and helped my nephew learn to walk.  (He’s 101/2 months old and walking a few steps at a time – and growing fast!).  Last night, I played Spiderman City with my other nephew and one of my nieces.  I took some time off to clear my mind.  I’m still not in a  “working mood” yet, but taking a break is sort of helping the blahs.  Right now, I should be proofing or searching for agents, but here I am, writing a blog post, pretending my novel doesn’t really need me to make it work.

What do you do when you have the writing blahs?  Any specific thing I might want to try?  Trust me, I need the help this week!


8 thoughts on “Writing Blahs…

  1. Speaking for myself, I’ve got to agree with you — it *is* hard to turn my mind off and take an honest-to-goodness break, even when I can force myself away from the computer. (It doesn’t help that I seem to come up with some of my best wordsmithery the minute I’ve got a toothbrush in my mouth or pressed “start” on the microwave or turned off the light for bed.)

    I’ve been through some blah times, too. It usually means I’m tired and/or my muse is on vacation without me. The best help for it seems to be finding something new for my brain to do — even if that new thing is just a different writing project, something quick and silly and unrelated to anything “important”. Sometimes I just need time to let the inspiration well refill — read, watch movies, listen to music, do something radical like go outside.

    It be can frustrating to spend days or weeks in a slump where too little seems to get done, but everything needs time to recharge, from time to time. The happy news is, knowing for certain that writing is what I love to do, I know the blahs will always end sooner or later.


  2. I’ve got the writing blahs too. I think every now and then, as you say, you just get burned out. It’s frustrating advice, but just give it time. I know that when I’ve got writer’s block, I withdraw from anything creative for a few days, and after a while the inspiration comes back. I leave it a couple more days than that, so that when I finally give in I really am ready to get back to it. Take a break, do something that isn’t writing, and try not to think about it!


    1. That’s great advice! Although, a bit hard to follow. lol I haven’t written in days. I think what’s gotten me down is querying agents, etc. I haven’t even started, but it’s writing the query! I just need to buckle down and do it. After a small break of course! Thanks! 🙂


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