Hey guys!  I’m taking part in the Authors’ Only Blog Hop!  And there are bunches of us giving away prizes!  YAY! Author Blog Hop Banner

What can you get on my blog?  Well, the FIRST PAPERBACKS WITH MY NEW COVERS (US ONLY!  SORRY GUYS!  If you’re international, I’ll send you some e-copies)!    You can win autographed proof copies of my novels Read Me Dead and Piercing Through the Darkness, including a really cool SURVIVOR bracelet!  (Since my books are all about surviving.)

So enter the giveaway now through this rafflecopter and then hop on over to win some more prizes on the other blogs!

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38 thoughts on “AUTHORS’ BLOG HOP!

  1. yvonnesimpkins

    Very carefully is how I would handle myself and hope help was on its way….Thank you for the giveaway. Very interesting question.


  2. Ali

    I would probably not survive because my graceful self would be tripping over everything, but I would be careful about who to trust and never say, “I’ll be right back.” Lol. I would probably be like Dean in the episode “Yellow Fever” of Supernatural


  3. Donna Reynolds

    I’m not sure what I would do not go into the woods at night ans stay alive Thanks for the chance to win your signed book I would love to win one 🙂


  4. Stephanie S.

    If I was in a suspense novel I guess I would like to have a calm attitude towards things. I have always admire intelligent, cool and calm characters that now how to work under pressure 🙂


  5. Mary Lowery

    if I found myself in the middle of any kind of drama, suspense, crime situation…. I would find Shemar Moore from criminal minds and hold on to him for dear life and after all the scariness passed I would hold on to him because he’s so hot….that’s all! 🙂


  6. amanda h

    I would definitely over think things, that’s for sure. I’d constantly be wondering who was good or bad. And hope to heck that some hottie would rescue me. thanks for the giveaway!


  7. Auburn wade

    I think I would definitely have to play the hero and kick some serious bad guy butt if I was in a thriller I wouldn’t want to b the victim! Thanks for giveaway I really hope I win!!


  8. tara san-van

    i would be the one freaking out in the beginning like andrea on the walking dead then after a min i’d be a total billy badass cause i work best underpressure 🙂


  9. Two things to always remember—1)never go wandering around by myself, especially in the dark, 2)always stay in the car. In every “scary” book or movie the heroine violates one or both of these rules. I’d try not to!


  10. shadowwolf

    If I found myself in a suspense/thriller novel, I would hope to be able to carry myself with some dignity and find myself screaming and wanting to hide. I would hope to take the same extreme curiosity and investigative methods that I use in hunting down the books that I really want to read. I would hope to be a strong yet vulnerable enough character to lead people into the story and make it something that they could easily relate to. I would hope to become a character that people might take hope from.


  11. Denise Z

    I would love to be a smart, savvy, take no guff lady; you know that one that will raise just the one eyebrow and get the answers she seeks LOL Thank you for participating in the fun.


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