The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our first three comments!  Congratulations, Yvonne, Cindy, and Jennifer!  You’ve won a Kindle Copy of The Beloved Daughter!  Everyone else, don’t worry!  It’s only 99cents!  That’s a steal!  Get your copy now!!

 The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry!!

What’s it about?

In a small North Korean village, a young girl struggles to survive. But it is her father’s faith, not the famine of North Hamyong Province, that most threatens Chung-Cha’s well-being. Is Chung-Cha’s father right to be such a vocal believer? Or is he a fool to bring danger on the head of his only daughter? Chung-Cha is only a girl of twelve and is too young to answer such questions. Yet she is not too young to face a life of imprisonment and forced labor. Her crime? Being the daughter of a political traitor. The Beloved Daughter follows Chung-Cha into one of the most notorious prison camps of the contemporary free world. Will Chung-Cha survive the horrors of Camp 22? And if she does survive, will her faith remain intact?

front cover

Did you miss the giveaway?  NO WORRIES!  You can still grab your copy on Kindle for 99cents!  This weekend only, so don’t wait too long!  Go now!  The Beloved Daughter


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