Instagram – Is it a useful tool?

Hello lovelies! I hope you enjoyed our cover reveals from last week!  I have to say, I was extremely thrilled to be able to show you some amazing book covers to books that I have enjoyed and know I will enjoy! 🙂  Coming this weekend, we have a special interview with the author of Eden-East, Janelle Stalder, about her new book, Switch!  So, stay tuned!  Janelle’s a lovely lady and friend.  I’m glad she’s a frequent visitor on my blog. 🙂


Okay.  So, here I am discussing something that I’m sadly addicted to.  Instagram.  In fact, I use up most of my phone’s data simply by browsing photos all day long, like some obsessed 15 year old fangirl.  You mean I’m not?!  No.  I’m actually a 26 year old fangirl!  😉

But see, I do follow all my favorite fandoms.  Please do not judge me based on this list.  Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, anything Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek, and more.  I find that the edits and photos of the actors are quite nice, and most of the time, not all, these IG accounts are run by teenagers.  Seriously!  It’s quite awesome, too, because as a YA author, I find that it helps me get in the head of the younger generation.

For instance, when they type this “alkdja;lksdjfadk,” they are fangirling.  (Totally freaking out, basically, about seeing a totally hot guy or a new scene from a TV show, book, movie, etc they’re waiting for.)

They have their own language!  I’m sure we did, too, when I was a teenager, but it’s changed since then.  Lol’s are out.  Ha or Haha’s are in.  Seriously.  I’m as shocked as you are.

They “ship” certain characters that have good chemistry between each other, no matter the gender or orientation of said characters.  Here’s the definition from

A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones as well. (Just think of “shipping” as short for “relationSHIP”.)
They use the word “perf” instead of perfect.  UGH for just about anything they don’t agree with or if they feel terrible.
See, I’ve learned some interesting things from Instagram!  I think it def helps me get in the head of a teenager when I’m writing them, especially in dialogue.
But, how is it helpful for the author besides this?  Are there ways to market your book on IG?
Why, yes!  There are. 🙂
I use IG to announce sales, show off new covers, do giveaways.  I’ve come across some new and interesting followers based on that.  Maybe one day it will help my sales, but I don’t market a lot.  I use it for my own personal fun right now, as well as a research.
Are you on IG?  What are the benefits that you’ve noticed?  I just adore it.  It’s quite addictive searching pictures and following fandoms.  I know a lot of people have jumped on the IG bandwagon.
If you are on IG, follow me!  I follow back – most of the time. 🙂

@emeraldbarnes  or 

Hope to see you there! 🙂
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10 thoughts on “Instagram – Is it a useful tool?

  1. I’m addicted to IG as well. I follow Les Mis fan accounts where they ship Eponine and Enjolras and hate Marius. I had no idea what ship meant at first either, but I figured that since my book was a YA about a Mormon that sings Les Mis, I’d follow fan accounts sharing YA books, Mormon quotes, and Les Mis. So far I’ve gotton a few of them to follow me. I finally did my cover reveal with hashtags of #yabook and #mormon, and I had people comment wanting to hear more. So yeah. I’d say you’re right on track as a YA author. There are plenty of authors on IG as well. Some haven’t figured it out, but I say, be the smart one and get over there quickly.


    1. That’s awesome! First let me say, I’m definitely interested in this novel of yours. Secondly, thanks for following me on IG! I just followed you back. Thirdly, it’s so awesome meeting all these people and learning all these new phrases. I feel old though, but it’s all cool! 🙂


      1. I love hearing that you’re interested in my book! It makes my day whenever I hear it from someone new. I know what you mean about IG making you feel old, but I was on there before all the kids so I guess I shouldn’t feel that way. Originally, I just wanted a cool way to edit and share my pictures to Facebook, but then it turned into this huge social media thing for middle school kids.


      2. I know! I liked that about IG too. That was what I used it for as well, but then, it became so much more. I guess I just adapted to the change in it and saw so much research potential.


  2. Emerald! You blog! Where the heck have I been? LOL Love, love, love it! Instagram is something I’m just getting back into. I’m more addicted to Pinterest, but I do see where Instagram is good tool to use…you have gained a grasshopper. 🙂


    1. Hi! YES! I blog! 🙂 I’ve been blogging for a while actually. Lol I like IG better than Pinterest, but to be fair, I had to wean myself off of Pinterest. I was on there way too much. More so than I am IG. 😛

      But yay! Thanks. 🙂


  3. You know, I never thought about it like that. The whole seeing-fandom-accounts-as-research thing. Genius!

    Then again, I’ve only just recently joined Instagram. I’m not over my fangirl phase yet.


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