Interview with Author G.e. Johnson and a Review

Guys, I’m thrilled to introduce to you author, G.e. Johnson.  She’s a dear friend, extraordinary author, and wonderful Christian woman. 

Welcome to my blog, Gerria!  I’m so thrilled that you’ve decided to join us.  Let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself.

Thank you so much for having me! I started writing as a teenager, mostly dabbling in poetry and free verse. Then, two years ago I published my first fiction work and I’ve been immersed in the literary world ever since. Recently, I made the switch to writing non-fiction Christian books and I love it. When I’m not writing, I spend my literary time helping other authors with marketing & promotion.

I’ve recently read your new novel, Volume One of Discovery of The Shepherd, A Study of Psalm 23, and I have to say, I’m deeply shepherdimpressed with the revelation that this first part of this study reveals.  How long did you spend in just a study of Psalm 23, each verse of it?  I’m betting it took a while.

For volume one, it took me about 2 months to put everything together. I’m actually studying as I go along because I want the revelation that I share to be fresh. For upcoming volumes, I’m giving myself a few weeks each because I would like to release a fresh volume each month until I have covered the entire Psalm.

You also studied the original meanings of the words in the Psalm itself.  How long did you spend searching original meanings and definitions?  Were you surprised at what you learned there?  

I am constantly reading and re-reading the original words and their meanings as I write. I also listen to audio recordings of the words and speak them out loud. I feel that this helps me to connect with the text and gain a better understanding of the literary voice of the writer, in this case King David. He was a very passionate, emotional man and the imagery that he uses in his writing is an awesome reflection of that. I have learned many things from the Hebrew text, but my first big discovery was that the “green” in “green pastures” is not an adjective at all in the original language. It is a noun – a living thing! This blew my mind and opened up an entirely new dimension to that verse. I write all about it in the book.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  I was so impressed with this study.  I’ve heard the Psalm hundreds of times before, but this study brought out so much about the Psalm I wouldn’t have seen on my own.  Were you surprised by what God revealed to you?  How did you feel while writing it?

I was a little surprised, but I must say that I went into this project with very high expectations. My desire to write bible study material came from God so I knew that there were some things that He wanted to say specifically and I was anticipating something mind blowing. My only prayer was that I would be able to capture what was being shown to me and put it into words. The revelation of God is a spiritual experience, but I have been charged with packing that revelation into the cerebral experience of reading. I feel challenged every time I sit down to work on this study, but when God gave me the assignment, He also gave me the ability to complete it and I have His help.

Okay, what can we expect from future studies of this Psalm?  Will there be more of different Psalms?  Different passages of the Bible?

The upcoming volumes of the Psalm 23 study will look just like the first volume. I am continuing to explore the original text and revealing the things that have become hidden through translation. There will also be more revelation of the ties between this scripture and the New Testament scriptures that fulfill what King David wrote. At this time, I have not been assigned another Psalm, but I do have a desire to “discover” some of the Proverbs of King Solomon as well as to write about some of the more general principals from the bible.

Snapshot_20131029_3_clipped_rev_1Where can we keep up with you and your work? 

The “Discovering The Shepherd” Psalm 23 study is being hosted by my wonderful friend and spiritual sister author Zari Banks who also writes revelatory works and teaches the word through multiple outlets. You can order an electronic copy (pdf, Kindle, or Nook versions) of volume 1 for $5 from Zari’s website at For a limited time, those who order volume 1 will receive all upcoming volumes of the study for FREE and will have access to my closed study & discussion group! Readers may also e-mail me directly at or join me on my author page on Facebook at


5 stars

Discovering the Shepherd is literally what we do in this study.  G.e. breaks the Psalm down into individual passages (verses), gives us complete meanings of each verse, including original text and definitions.  What we see in the definitions will completely astound you, and you’ll see God, our Shepard in a new light, a bright light that will help you focus on letting God fully become your Guide, Shepard, Savior in life. 

The revelations we see in this novel astounded me, and honestly, left me speechless.  I felt God in these pages, and I could see that they were divinely inspired.  I honestly think we all need to read this study to focus on the meaning of Psalm 23.  Most of us know it by heart, but do you know it?  Do you know exactly what it means?  The answer is, yes, after you read this book, but until then, I don’t think we fully understand the importance of this Psalm.

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