Street Team and Release Date

I’m a terrible blogger.  I’ve come to realize that in the past few months, and I’m sorry.  I simply haven’t had the time, and when I did have the time, I really didn’t feel like blogging.  My head’s been in a fuzz, and all I can think about is a new novel I’m writing, turning Entertaining Angels into a series, and well, finally releasing Entertaining Angels.

Speaking of releases, Entertaining Angels date has been pushed back to sometime in June.  I’m hoping to release it around my birthday.  Why another release around June 25th, wow I’m lucky, you must say.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this post here.  And yes, this author DOES accept birthday gifts.  ha!  Just kidding.

If you’ve signed up for an ARC, then you should, I’m not promising anything though, have it by the end of the month or at the very latest, the beginning of June.  So, if you haven’t signed up for an ARC, you can do that on this form.  I’m only accepting a very limited number of early reviewers.  So, act fast, lovelies.  There are only 10-15 spots left.

And if you need a reminder about what Entertaining Angels is about here you go.


About Entertaining Angels:

Madison Andrews can’t face her reflection in the mirror.  All she sees is a big, fat nobody.  Yet, deep inside she longs for something more, something that’s not skin deep.

Along comes Zach, the new guy in school.  He’s smoking hot and totally out of her league.  She somehow catches his eye, and he makes her feel beautiful for once.  But just as she gets close to Zach, her nerdy best friend, Chase, won’t let Madison doubt her true beauty, no matter how many meals she skips.

Even as Madison begins to realize that she is more than what she thinks, darker forces are at work, darker than the lies and mocking from her peers, stopping her from amounting to her full potential.  Can Madison find true happiness in her own skin?

join street team

Okay, now on to other the other bit mentioned in my post title.  Street Teams.  I’ve been considering doing this for a while now.  I have been weighing the pros and cons, and I can’t really see that many cons.  I love connecting with my readers, and this is a way for them to get to be an integral part of my writing journey.  Sure, it’s about helping me out as well, but I will be giving back to these awesome readers/fans.

What’s a street team?  Well, a street team is a wonderful backing of awesome readers and fans who help me share the word about my upcoming projects and current books, interviews, guest posts, etc.

What can you expect as a street team member?  I’ll be doing giveaways randomly, strictly for y’all.  You’ll have access to all of my writing/books FIRST before anyone else.  And you’ll be helping an Indie Author achieve her dreams.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?  If so, head on over to Emerald Barnes’ Street Team on Facebook and ask to join!  Don’t worry.  I’ll accept you. 😉

Thanks for being so amazing.  I know I don’t post as much as I should on here, but I hope that I can remedy that.

P.S. If you’re a newsletter subscriber and a blog follower, you’ll be bombarded with the same information.  Please forgive me!


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