Meet Zach Taylor…

Zach was so much fun to write. Initially, he wasn’t supposed to turn out quite like he was was. He was more of an enigma to me. Really, he was just supposed to be someone to help drive Madison and Chase together, and he probably would have been a jerk. I’m so glad he turned out the way he did.

I can’t really say much about Zach except that he’s the new guy in school, and for some reason, he’s immediately drawn to Madison. He’s kind of there to be her protector, as well, but it’s a little different than Chase. He’s a sweet, loving guy, and although I really love Zach, there isn’t as much swooning happening over him. Maybe my Chase is just different, but you’ll see when you read the book!



In the distance, I finally spotted her, and I felt a little peace encompass me. Madison and Chase were talking to their friend Andy. How had I missed her arrival? I should’ve known when she’d gotten here.

I watched her tuck a strand of her brown curls behind her ears and cross her arms over her chest. She was absolutely beautiful, and she literally shone to me. However, I knew that on the inside, she was conflicted, dealing with feeling ugly and worthless. I also knew that Chase couldn’t stop looking at her with complete adoration in his eyes. He was going to be an integral part of her recovery.


The rest of Zach’s story can be read at the end of Entertaining Angels, and you can find out about the enigma that is Zach throughout the story. It can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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