Writing Blog Hop

Thank you, annamaria bazzi, for tagging me in this fun little blog hop!

Here are the questions:

What are you working on?
I’m currently working on two novels and a short story. Well, when I have the time, it’s three novels.
I’m writing a short story that takes place between Entertaining Angels and Entertaining Angels book two. This time it’s about Chase having to overcome a problem.
As I mentioned, I’m writing book two in the Entertaining Angels series. (Yes, I’m making it into a series!)
Also, I’m writing a book called, Barriers. It’s kind of a dystopian novel in the near future. I love these characters. They’re constantly in my brain, so I’m working on getting some of it written.
I am also editing a novel I have written. It’s book two in a trilogy that I’m working on called, The Hunted: A Knight’s Academy.
How does your work differ from others of its genre?
Well, if we’re talking about Entertaining Angels, I really haven’t read anything like it before. Sure, there are books about young girls who are dealing with issues that they need to overcome, but I add in a special supernatural element. (It’s Christian fiction, so you can use your imagination.) I also tackle spiritual warfare in these Christian novels.
But, if you’re talking about the other secular fiction I write, I always hope that it’s different enough to make people want to keep reading. I’ve never heard of anything like what I write, so I think, when I finally publish these other novels, that my readers will see that in them.
Why do you write what you do?
Most of the reason why I write what I do is because I love it. I figured that if I loved reading a certain thing, writing it wouldn’t be a big stretch. It’s something that interests me, and if I’m interested in it, I could make it interesting for others to read.
How does your writing process work?
I honestly don’t have a specific writing process. I write the first draft without editing anything! (Well, mostly not editing.) I just focus on the story. I go back and add and take away in the second draft. Then I find beta readers. After editing with my betas’ feedback, I send it to an editor. I’ll edit again. Read it again. Read it yet again, and then finally, I’ll send it to my proofreader. And then I’ll read it again!
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this getting to know me and my writing bit! Next Monday, Sylvia Stein will be posting hers! I hope you stop by and read about what she’s working on! I think you’ll love it!

2 thoughts on “Writing Blog Hop

  1. A lot of bloggers I know have answered these questions. I think they’re better (and shorter!) than a lot of the questions out there. They get to point.

    I’m always interested in how people answer them, especially the one about how your work differs from others in the genre . I think it’s interesting that there’s a big Christian element in your fiction, but more in some works than in others. Some people just go all-out on that (I knew a singer once who only sang sacred music, and in fact she never listened to anything but sacred music either — that alway seemed extreme to me).

    I answered these questions myself a while ago: http://u-town.com/collins/?p=4779


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