Selling books and other common misconceptions

When I became an author, I was stupid. I really was. I thought it would be easy. Again, I was an idiot, completely misguided and confused.


Being an author is ten – okay, a hundred – times harder than I thought when I first started. Here are some common misconceptions about being an author (that I had).

1. You’ll hit it big with your first book. Although it does, and can, happen, it’s very, very rare. Chances are, you’ll have to publish a good many before your name is even recognized. And although there are some people who know my name, it’s not really because they’ve bought my book. They’ve just seen me around the internet.

don't you like books

2.You sell a book – to someone other than family – and you finally have a verified purchase review! Of course it’s a 5 star glowing review. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? You write a best-selling book. People are bound to give you nothing but 5 stars, right? Right?!

So, you’re nervous, sick, anxious with anticipation, and you finally read it. It’s the dreaded one star. You end up going through denial – ranting at the reviewer. How could you not see what I meant? Are you sure that you read it correctly? Why would you say something like that? So, you try not to think about it, but you can’t help it. You dwell. You get sick. You contemplate talking to them about it, to change their mind. In the end, you spend the night crying and eating ice cream and raw cookie dough and consider quitting all together.

ice cream

3. You’ll be rich in no time! You’ll have so much money that you won’t know what to do with it all! Well, you hope to make enough money to cover costs of expenses, at least. But, you find yourself with credit card debt, saying you needed to spend that extra money for ads. So, now you’re scrounging to buy a sweet tea from McDonald’s for a dollar, but the piggy bank is empty.

piggy bank

4. You’ll end up on the bestseller lists! All of them! Then, you realize there’s no way you’ll grace a list without sales. And you’re back to looking for ways to sell your book, get your name out there, but you’re stuck. You have no idea what you’re doing, and even though you’ve published more than one book, you still have a hard time selling books. BUY MY BOOK!!


5.Β  Fine. You’ll put out another book and make sure it’s a hundred times better than the other(s). You should have it done in a few months, and then you’ll get recognized and start making more money. And now, it’s two years later, and you’re repeating the process.

angry aladdin

Despite the misconceptions, the hard times, and the ever frustrating moments, being an author is one of the best things you’ll ever be. Well, if you want to be an author, that is.

this is good


4 thoughts on “Selling books and other common misconceptions

  1. All of this is so true!! I always hate the sick feeling when reading a bad review. And then of course the doubt that comes with it that makes you want to give up. But we keep putting ourselves through it because writing is still fun and it’s still worth it! πŸ™‚


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