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A debt is a debt that must be repaid.

She thought she was safe in the shadows. The dark was always home to her when the light was banished. After the Transformation, she thought the secrets were over. She thought running away would solve all of her troubles, but her problems were only getting started.

In a world where magic rules all, eighteen-year-old Mrsorri Hall finds a place where she can put her unique abilities to the test. When she is brought to a strange new world, she feels human again, recognizing fear like she never has before. As time goes on, she struggles to admit to the secrets of her dark past, but they unravel before her faster than she can blink.

Coming from a land immersed in fire, Mrsorri Hall learns to live in a world of deception. Secrets and lies are only the beginning. The fall of the Safe Havens is close, and there is only one person who can bring them all together. The one who is brave enough to seek the Keepers who started it all. On this quest, failure is not an option, for once she starts, she can’t go back. There is nowhere to go. They are coming for her. 

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Mrsorri Hall Advocates Against Bullying

By Ashlee McNicol

(Told from the perspective of main character Mrsorri Hall)

I was never afraid of the dark. There was never a question about it. The shadows made me feel safer than any source of light. Maybe it’s because I was raised in the dark and grew up sulking through the night that the mere thought that someone could see me in sunshine scares me more than any other.

Years ago, I was birthed in a land called the Rayax. It was never my choice. It was my duty to be bestowed upon the Caretaker and the Homekeeper there. They wanted to keep my safe, and they took it upon themselves to be my family. I think that everyone needs family in their lives. Family offers something enriches that pushes us all to go forward. I know that they did that for me.

In my time throughout the Four Worlds, I was afraid a lot. I went from being immune to fear to living it daily. It wasn’t my choice. If I could decide, I would never be afraid. I’d still keep going, but I couldn’t control my mind like that. My point in telling you this is that you should know, I didn’t fit in. I have never really had friends. I have never really been that girl that everyone calls to hang out with or see at the spur of a moment. I’m a loner, and I’m okay with that.

No one deserves to be bullied, though. People often think that they can take advantage of because they don’t understand me. I’m here to tell you that their words are not true. You can do whatever you set your mind to, if you are willing to put in the hard work. People may say mean things to you because you are smaller or younger than they are, but just know that you are worth it. No one deserves to be taken advantage of. I have had my fair share of moments like that, and I’m slowly learning what it takes to be whole again.

If you or any of your friends feel like they are being bullied, don’t be afraid to talk to someone. I was always afraid that I would speak to the wrong person. I had troubles trusting people after my kidnapping and the secrets that poured into my life. Know that you are not alone, and if you need someone to talk to, flip open the pages of my life and take it from me.

So, if you are being bullied, do me a favor and remember these things that I have learned along the rough road of life:

  1. Put on your crown or tiara. You don’t deserve to be bullied. You are worth something, and you are going to go far in life. Just work hard, remember where you came from, and keep moving forward despite the odds you may face in your life. That only makes you stronger.
  2. Embrace being different. If everyone was the same, that would be no fun. I got to experience that recently, and that was a major shock to me. We were all born with a purpose. Own that purpose.
  3. Believe in yourself. You can do anything if you set your mind to. Your family believes in you, your friends believe in you, I believe in you. Now, it’s time to look in the mirror and see what you are worth. It’s time to believe in yourself.


About the Author


Ashlee McNicol spent her childhood bringing imagination to life by writing short stories and chapter books that soon decorated the shelves of local libraries in the state of Washington. Those stories shaped her writing career, which has now launched to include over fifty full length young adult novels that are waiting to be read. Ashlee holds a BBA in marketing from Eastern New Mexico University and works as her own publicist. Currently, she is crafting the Secrets of Ghastillanda Series and hopes to have all five books released by the end of 2015. Her goal is to inspire children and young adults all over to pursue their dreams and ignite their imaginations. You can follow her at her website to learn more.

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