Children’s Book Spotlight and Review: The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Caldric Blackwell



The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf cover


Six-year-old Byron Woodward is a werewolf who can’t howl. Determined not to embarrass himself after being chosen to lead a full-moon ceremony, he embarks on a mission to learn how to howl. He learns a lot about howling during his journey, but more importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about believing in himself.

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Emerald’s Review:

3 1/2 – 4 STARS

The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf is an interesting take on the boy who cried wolf, being the opposite that is. It’s a cute story about a werewolf who can’t howl, and the young wolf searches for advice on how to howl before the full moon when he’s chosen to lead a ceremony. Eventually, he learns an extremely valuable lesson about discovering how to do things his own way and learning to be himself. Worrying only held him back.

The illustrations aren’t scary, but I wasn’t overly impressed with them. My six year old niece liked the book, and seeing how it’s in her age group, I think the author really hit the nail on the head.

Overall, I enjoyed the moral of the story, and after reading it a second time, I came to realize that it is a good story and appropriate for kids four to probably eight.



Caldric’s Website /  Twitter Goodreads / Facebook 

caldricCaldric Blackwell realized he loved reading when he read about a bunch of people (with single-syllable names) and their pets (also with single-syllable names) in kindergarten.

Exposure to a host of great authors while studying at the University of California, Santa Barbara inspired him to begin writing fiction. Although he began writing short stories for adults, he eventually migrated to writing children’s books. His debut work is an early chapter book titled The Enchanted River Race. His next release is a picture book, The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf.

Outside of writing, Caldric enjoys hiking, gardening, and playing a variety of string instruments. Caldric currently resides in California.

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