On Release Day and other matters…

Thank you all for the wonderful support of Before We Say I Do and my short story release. It was an amazing week, and I can’t thank you enough for supporting me along the way. ❤

Now, to the “other matters” this blog post needs to address. Some of you may have heard or realized, but on January 13th, WordPress temporarily suspended my blog. They said this when I emailed them about my suspension: “Hi there,
Thank you for getting in touch. Your site was flagged by our automated
anti-spam controls. We have reviewed your site and have removed the
suspension notice.

We greatly apologize for this error and any inconvenience it may have caused.”

The only reason that I think they would do this is because apparently it’s a violation to have “Book tour blogs: Blogs that consist primarily of pre-written publicity material, as opposed to original book reviews, for
the purpose of promoting books and driving traffic to other promotional
and giveaway sites.

Really? I mean, seriously? Who does that? Why would this be a problem? I share people’s books because I WANT to. I’m doing it to help them, and so, I have an issue with WordPress deciding that it’s wrong for me to help my friends out.

And that being so, I’m considering transferring to another blog. I love WordPress. Their format, their style, and all is so much better than Blogger to me. I could stay here, but I’m not sure I could deal with possibly losing all of my followers if they decide to screw me over again.

So – as of right now – I’m only going to be sharing blog tours that I’ve committed to, and then I’ll go from there. No unsolicited review requests or blog tour requests will be accepted at this time. I’m terribly sorry. Until I can figure it all out, I’ll be sharing some things over on my Blogger site http:ebarnes23.blogspot.com

Please go and follow that blog, too. I can’t bear losing all of you! I’ve worked so hard to establish myself through this blog since I began it back in 2010 or 2011. The thought of moving over is very saddening, indeed. I’m sorry for the trouble it may be causing YOU as well, but I can’t see myself staying when something that I want to is considered a “violation.”

I urge all of you to be careful what you post on your blogs on WordPress as well. As far as I can tell, it’s okay if your a self-hosted site, but I’m not. I have considered doing it, but right now, I’m not going to.

Please follow me over at blogger. I don’t want to lose you guys!


4 thoughts on “On Release Day and other matters…

  1. I had a blog on wordpress.com once, and from time to time in the forum people would say that this or that was against the rules, but I could never find, and nobody could ever direct me to, a list of these rules. I didn’t care for that approach, so I went back to self-hosting, which has always been my preference anyway.

    Also, the automatic system flags you, then they suspend you, and then they investigate? Um… Shouldn’t the investigation part come before the (possible) suspension part?


  2. I would think participating in book tours would be okay, so long as either, 1) those posts are balanced by a lot of other original posts or, 2) most of the material posted is original content vs an exact cut&paste that could be found on every other site. I have friends with free wordpress accounts who sometimes share new books. They haven’t encountered suspensions, I suspect because, in addition to the book blurb/excerpt/giveaway, they include original interviews and maybe only one link (say to the author’s page) rather than several purchase links. (Especially if any of those links happen to be Amazon Affiliate links.) I can understand why wordpress doesn’t allow it on their free sites – it’s a free site and book tours are designed to sell product – hence make money (for someone somewhere).

    A lot of it depends on the purpose behind your blog. Is it to build up your platform as you write more books, to advertise books for others, to gab just for fun, etc.?

    I haven’t been following you very long so I hadn’t noticed, but I looked back through your posts and there’s a lot of the cut/paste book tours and reblogging. I found you because of Entertaining Angels but if I’d just stumbled across your blog randomly I suspect I wouldn’t have started following you. I’ve gone back 7 pages so far and my impression is this really is a 90% book tour blog. There’s a difference between sharing books/helping friends vs being an advertising stream. (And please don’t take any of that negatively – I’m just trying to share perspective to try to help!)

    Also, I find Kristen Lamb’s blog highly informative on this type of subject, if you’d like a wise perspective. https://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/?s=blogging


    1. And yeah, I get that I’ve done a lot of tours lately, but I haven’t had the time to write original posts. I try to, though. And although I share a lot of tours, I know a lot of these authors personally, and I want to help them share their books. It’s not about me becoming an advertising stream, it’s about helping my friends.

      I’m not taking what you said negatively. I appreciate the feedback. I do need to make sure that I write more blog posts, etc. And, I’m just giving you an honest reply of what’s being going on and why I haven’t written much.

      I have another blog that I write (inspirational – Christian blog), and I manage a lot of different groups and pages on Facebook. I, also, run blog hops on top of writing three books right now. So, I’m pretty pinched for time. It’s no excuse, but I’ve let it get in the way of my actually blogging.

      Thank you for following me despite the blog tours. I’ll try and work on more content for my blog is bookish/writing related. I’ve already been planning that for this year.

      Thanks again for the feedback. It’s greatly appreciated!


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