I’m in love with the moon! A Review of The Sun’s Rival

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably seen Danielle E. Shipley around here, or you’ve heard me talk about her awesome books! I somehow missed the ARC call for The Sun’s Rival, The Wilderhark Tales Book Five. But, being the awesomeness that Danielle is, she sent me a copy of the book. I wasn’t asked to do a review, but I’m doing one anyway because I’m in love with the moon!


This is my favorite thus far. Seriously.

Let me explain. In the previous books, I simple adored Edgwyn, and I thought there wouldn’t be anyone who would ever compare to him. Boy was I wrong!

The story begins with Edgwyn telling his daughter, Laraspur, about a rival between the Sun and Moon over a beautiful princess. Flash forward a few years and Laraspur is of age to meet men and marry. She feels over-shadowed by her beautiful sisters and doesn’t think that anyone could ever love her because she isn’t pretty enough. To her surprise, after a party at her sister’s palace celebrating the birth of her sister’s twins, two young suitors show up, asking Laraspur’s hand in marriage. Two weeks follows where she is being wooed by the young men, but she finds herself drawn the one who is under the shadows of his brother. There, she finds that she has more in common with him than she thought, and everything changes. She falls in love with him. But, her younger sister contracts Lunacy because of something one of the brothers does, and Laraspur and her brother are on a journey to the Sky.

My review ends here because I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m in love with the Moon! I’ve always wanted to moon, and now, I just want him more!

Beautiful work – yet again – by Ms. Shipley!

If you’d like to purchase your copy of The Sun’s Rival you can do so on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And I would get it now because Book Six is coming soon! (The cover reveal is Monday, and I can’t wait for y’all to see that amazing cover!)


6 thoughts on “I’m in love with the moon! A Review of The Sun’s Rival

  1. Ahhhh, thank you, Emerald! Your kind and enthusiastic words touch my heart like few things but the moon can. ^o^ And oh, wow, I can’t believe Monday’s cover reveal for Book Six is so close. I’m so excited to show everyone!


    1. They’re amazing! They’re novellas, so they’re quick to read. But, you don’t want them to end because they’re so lovely! I have reviews for all of the books on my blog. I think you can just search Danielle Shipley or Wilderhark Tales for them all if you’re interested. 🙂


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