Love, Candy and Cupcakes Blog Hop (and giveaway)!

CLRFebHappy Friday the 13th! I mean, Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! (Although, to me, this holiday is worse than Friday the 13th, and I HATE anything scary!)


But even I have to admit there’s something wonderful about all of these sweet romances circulating around this time of the year. (Hello. My name is Emerald, and I’m a Hallmark Channel addict.)

This weekend, I’ll be at home watching Hallmark and reading some sweet romance books.

But, my favorite romance is hard to pinpoint because I’m a sucker for so many different love stories.

Although, I guess one that has always been my favorite is the romance between Westley and Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride. Not only is the book/movie funny, it’s about a love that transcends almost anything that’s being thrown their way, including being mostly dead.


It’s a wonderful story, and I’ve always been in love with Westley. He would always do anything for Buttercup. Everything that he did, he did for her, and although she seems like a weak, damsel in distress, she does threaten once or twice to kill herself if she has to marry Prince Humperdinck when he basically kidnaps her for that reason.


And it ends with this beautiful, hopeful scene with a couple riding off into the sunset on horseback. I mean, it’s sooo romantic! I hope one day I can ride off into the sunset with someone. Just kidding. I don’t like horses all that much.


(For more on why to read the book, check out this blog post.)

What is your favorite romance? Tell me in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Love, Candy and Cupcakes Blog Hop (and giveaway)!

  1. A Walk to Remember, because this is not your common love story. This is one where a young man turns into a man, giving everything up to make the dying love of his life happy and fulfill her “Bucket List” before she dies. He learned at a VERY young age what to be in true love with someone was really about, and showed him that there are more important things in life, such as loving someone so deeply and fully, you would do anything to make that person’s last days on this Earth the their best days. This is how my fiance is. I am disabled, and he does not care, treats me like a queen, and for him, there is no other woman in this world that he knows will love him for eternity. treat him with respect and compassion, and never give upon him.. As in the movie, I always dedicate the song, “Only Hope” to him, because he truly was my only hope at happiness, and I have it now until my last breath on this Earth.


  2. I wasn’t quite sure whether I was eligible for any prizes; I had a look to see whether it was for International users, but I didn’t see anything definite. So I’ve entered and I apologise if they are not valid because of it!

    I love all sorts of romances. One of the ones I enjoy most at the moment is the relationship between the Manlove & Kickerdick characters in several of Axel Howerton’s books. I know that, just by their names, they sound like really strange characters. Admittedly, they really are strange. However, I was really happy by how much I enjoyed the books and would give any bit of my anatomy for more stories in the series.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. Movie-wise – You’ve Got Mail.
    Books-wise – Eek! Too hard to pick! But I loved Adriana Trigiani’s Big Stone Gap trilogy. The main character’s romance with her husband takes a while to get off the ground, but then their love is solid and enduring.


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  5. I could sit here and stare at the “As you wish” gif for ages. He’s sooo pretty 🙂 Favorite romances on top of The Princess Bride include – The Princess by Lori Wick + Kate & Leopold and City of Angels + I kinda love the Will and Kate romance 🙂


  6. I think my favorite romance is Finding Neverland. Not a traditional romance but it does turn into one of sorts. It has been my absolute favorite from the very first time I got to see it. I just love the simpleness of the love that is evident and how the story just unfolds.


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