It’s Been Four Years!

Four years. I’ve been an “official” author for four years. I’m still in shock that I’ve come as far as I have. I have four books published, and I’ve gained a fairly decent social following. My books aren’t hated – by everyone at least – so I think that I’ve accomplished some great things.

I’ve made friends for life, and it all started with this novella right here.


This book has been through three different covers, and it’s been a novella I’ve always wanted to revisit and either write a sequel to or extend it. I’ve never found the time, but I hope to make some time some day. I have so many book ideas running around in my head, and I don’t have enough time to write them all. *sad face*

Still, this book started it all, and I’m eternally grateful that I managed to stay strong these past four years and keep writing.  (It’s extremely difficult on some days. lol)

So, happy bookiversary Piercing – and Piercing fans! May Kandi, Jimmy and Jonathan’s story forever remind us that we never want to repress memories.


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