Guest Post – Mentor Me: The Deceptively Simple Self-Help and Business Book

Hey guys! Today we have a guest post from a fellow author, and you’ll be seeing a few more books this week on my blog!

And now, a big welcome to Ken Poirot! He’s here to talk about his self-help and business book.

“Succinct,” “Practical, “Easy-to-Read,” ‘and “Easy-to-Implement”—all words reviewers have used to describe Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement. I was quite happy to see I achieved one of my goals of writing a useful/helpful self-help and business book according to readers.

The biggest surprises for me: 1) everyone seems to take something different from their experience with “Mentor Me” and mostly based solely on their own personal biases 2) Only one reader so far has alluded to a more complex theme written into “Mentor Me.”

This is a deceptively simple self-help and business book. One can read it on a superficial level and gain the benefit from the simple self-help and business information in the book. Or, one can read it looking for other more complex themes in this deceptively simple self-help and business book.

mentorAs I recently described “Mentor Me,” it is a bit of a “literary chameleon” depending on how deeply it is dissected by the reader. I recently described it as “…the crossroads and convergence of where science, metaphysics, religion, and utopian society intersect.”

Part of me is laughing at the fact it has been read on such a superficial level while missing both the subtle and unsubtle themes purposely embedded in the book. Another part of me is thoroughly disappointed there is no further expectation of a “self-help and business book” but to be completely superficial.

After all, shouldn’t readers have been alerted there may be more to this deceptively simple self-help and business book when the Preface covers the meaning of life? Or how about this phrase, “…this world we live in, in my humble opinion, may, in fact, be hell”—a very theological/philosophical theme also introduced in the Preface of just a typical, “simple self-help and business book.”


Know Thyself

There are both stated and unstated themes purposely written into “Mentor Me.” So far, the only theme I have seen a reader write about in a review is “Know Thyself.” This theme is intentionally scattered throughout the book.

It was very purposeful when I designed quote pictures and released them into the public domain that one of those photos was, in fact, depicting Socrates. As I wrote, “…being intuitively introspective—maintaining a deep, internal focus on your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings,” was an intentional allusion to Socrates’ famous quote, “Know Thyself.”

There are other variations of this theme placed throughout the book. Can readers spot those variations? What other themes can readers find and come up with when they read “Mentor Me?”

Mentor Me Quotes Garnering International Attention

I have been a bit shocked and humbled recently as some of the quotes from this deceptively simple self-help and business book are garnering international attention.

“The more I learn about myself, the more I understand you,” has been featured on the website of a company in the Netherlands (another variation on the theme, “Know Thyself”). Additionally, a quote was embedded in course materials for a university class in England. And another photo quote recently turned up inserted into a blog in the USA (scroll down the page on the link provided to see the photo quote).

Is it possible the themes in this deceptively simple self-help and business book are more evident when they are removed and placed independent of their context inside the book?

It is happy hunting for readers as they search for these themes written into “Mentor Me.” I would love to see these themes exposed by readers as they write their reviews. What themes will be revealed?

If you have not yet read “Mentor Me,” you can pick up your copy through my website,, or from its page on Amazon.


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