Entertaining Angels re-release update!

Hey guys!

First, I’d like to welcome all of my new followers! I hope you’ll find something around here that you enjoy. I’m thrilled to have you!

Secondly, as you may remember, I am re-publishing Entertaining Angels through Vox Dei Publishing. Well, everything is pretty much final, now, and we’re releasing it April 21st! That’s just a few days from now, and I’m so excited!

The story is the same, but I made a few editing changes, mostly cleaning it up a lot. I didn’t realize how much more it needed cleaned up. (Amanda, my editor, is so amazing!) I love that it’s even better now! I think you’ll all enjoy it so much more! And, if you haven’t read it up to this point, then you’ll be in for a treat!

I’ve even been working on some more ideas for the series as a whole. Like, for one, I’ll probably be releasing a series of short stories, or maybe another novel, in the view point of Chase. Everyone loves him so much, and I hate that he only got one story at the back of the book. I want to pull a Stephanie Meyer and write from his POV. Although, I’m going to try and not let this get in the way of finishing up Delivered By Angels (Book Two) and the re-release of the short story, Before We Say I Do – which I need to start editing ASAP. 😉

Also, I’ll be releasing quotes on Instagram called #EntertainingAngelsConfessions. It’s reminders, based on the message in Entertaining Angels, that I want everyone to remember. So, if you get the chance, follow me on Instagram, @emeraldbarnes. I’ll be starting that next week! I will post them to my Facebook page and Twitter as well, but I’m really focusing on Instagram.

I hope you’re all as excited about the re-release as I am. I’ve been sharing things with my street team, in advance, and they seem to be enjoying them. If you’re into street teams and want to join mine, the link is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/emeraldbarnesstreetteam/

I’ll be throwing a party on the day of the release. It will be from 12p-4p EST on April 21st on Facebook! Just click on the photo to be taken directly to the party!

Facebook Party

I think that about covers it! I can’t wait to share the new cover and all with you on release day! It’s going to be so much fun!


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