It’s re-release day!

The day is finally upon us! Entertaining Angels has been re-released through Vox Dei Publishing, and you can finally buy your new copy of the book!

It has been re-edited (although we kept EVERYTHING the same), and we added discussion questions for book clubs and youth groups.

We’ve also given the cover a brand new look! I’m guessing you’d like to see it? Well, here it is! The new face of Entertaining Angels!


And the full jacket:


Beautiful, right? I’m so excited!!


Also, I’m having a party on Facebook today from 12p-4p EST (11a-3p CST which is my time zone). I’d be so happy to have you join us! We’re having a huge swag pack giveaway, smaller giveaways throughout the event, games and discussions! Come and join us!

Where can you get your copy of Entertaining Angels?


Amazon Paperback

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@emeraldbarnes) or on Tumblr as I start the Entertaining Angels Confessions this week!


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