I’m hiding behind the written word

Last week  I wrote a blog post talking about how I thought I had no voice, but I find that that may not always be the case. I’ve been thinking more and more about this #youarebeautiful and #loveyourself campaign I’m on.

See, it’s not about me. That’s the number one thing I need to remember. It’s about showing God’s love to others, and it’s about helping others learn to love themselves. But I want to hide and not let anyone see me.

My book manager was trying to get me to do a podcast interview with someone, and I’m simply not comfortable with that. It’s makes me nervous. I feel like I sound like a fool when I speak publicly. But, it’s not about me, and she reminded me of that. It’s about you guys, and the more that I tell my story, the more people it will reach.

I’ve been perfectly happy sitting inside my little comfort bubble, happily hiding away from the world. It’s easier to sit here and type this without you ever seeing me or hearing my voice. I’m a writer. I hide behind my words, but maybe it’s time that I don’t do that any longer.

I know that I’m meant for something more than this, but I can’t achieve that if I’m hiding behind my computer screen. I can make all of these images and promote a healthy way of looking at yourself through quotes, but it means nothing if I don’t apply it to my own life.

I no longer want to be all talk and no walk. And to start this off, I’m going to post a picture of me in something I never thought I’d wear, skinny jeans – and colored ones at that.

I know it’s not seeing me in a video or hearing my voice, but trust me, this is a HUGE step for me.

20150405_130422I wrote something in an interview, and I’m really thinking about it now, “I wasn’t able to follow my dreams because I had no faith in myself whatsoever.”

I don’t want that to happen to any of you, and it’s time I started putting more faith in myself. So, here’s me, stepping outside of my comfort zone and following my dreams.

I realize that I’m opening myself up to criticism for my weight, but you know, walking out of my doors every day is opening myself up to the criticism. This is me, and I’m beginning to love myself more and more.


22 thoughts on “I’m hiding behind the written word

  1. How can you not say you don’t have a voice? I really think this is awesome. I know writing this takes a lot of courage for you, but I have no doubt it will inspire courage in others. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for writing this post. I’ve always felt like I needed to have a persona when I was writing, rather than show my face. But, now seeing what you have done to pull yourself out of from behind your work, I’m rethinking my decision. I’m rooting for you! You are an inspiration.


  3. I know how hard it was to take a photo in those jeans. BTW, they’re terrific and you look swell in them. I think it is about you. God loves you, you. He’s got a master plan just for you. It’s about you…and how much He loves you.


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  5. Kudos! I’m also on a journey of total self love and acceptance. It’s not easy, but the rewards are phenomenal. I’m also a writer who’s much more comfortable with the written word rather than speaking. But I’m challenging myself to get over it by broadcasting on Periscope! It’s out of my comfort zone, but I’ve learned that pushing myself beyond my comfort zone is exactly where God meets me. 🙂


    1. It is so rewarding!! And yes, I have had to learn the same thing. God is wherever we need him, and I’m so glad to hear that you’re stepping out there. You deserve to be happy! Best of luck on your journey. Keep in touch. I’d love to hear how it’s going!

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