#‎beyoubebeautifulchallenge2k15‬ #youarebeautiful

I received a private message from one of my friends on Friday of last week. She was concerned by something her daughter said to her about wearing make up. Don’t worry, I’ll share it in a moment. But it was something similar to what my nieces had told me.

See, kids are curious why adults feel the need to wear make up when we won’t let them. (Her daughter and my nieces are around 5 and 6 years old.) I’ve been guilty of telling my nieces that I feel better in make up, that’s why I wear it. And I told my nieces that they were too pretty to wear make up, but why didn’t that apply to me? It did, and my five year old niece told me that. And, to quote my friend, “Is this where it starts?” It seems like it may be.

As you all know, my goal since publishing my novel, Entertaining Angels, has been to promote loving yourself for who you are and accepting your “flaws”. By the way, our “flaws” aren’t flaws at all! So, I started using the #youarebeautiful and #loveyourself hashtags to help promote this campaign. Seriously, just read my Twitter and Facebook pages, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Also, here’s a blog post that will help you understand it, this one too.

While my friend and I were talking, she said that she wanted to come up with a challenge to help women believe in themselves, for them to not be afraid to show who they are without make up. Hence the #beyoubebeautifulchallenge2k15.

Here’s what she said on her Facebook page:

My daughter asked me the other day as I was getting ready for work why I wore makeup everyday. I replied without thinking that I wore it because “it makes mommy feel pretty.” To that she reached for my lipstick and asked if she could have some. I instantly looked at this beautiful little girl and thought to myself, “is this where it starts?” With one comment I’d planted a seed that is ultimately planted in all of our heads, be it through personal relationships or media. The belief that we are not enough and I’d done it so easily…so without restraint. A friend of mine Emerald Barnes wrote a book a while back that I got the privilege to beta read called Entertaining Angels. Its central theme is to love the skin your in and embrace your naturally beautiful self. Its a cause she’s stood for since I met her and that moment with my daughter proved to me what a worthwhile cause it is. This picture is me. Just me. No makeup. No filters. No apps to hide behind. Just me. I challenge you…not just those tagged, but every woman, to do the same. I used to think that my circles under my eyes were something that needed to be hidden. No…they show that I stay up too late sometimes worrying about those that I love. I break out a lot on my forehead and I’d spend tons of money covering them up so no one would see. Not anymore. I break out because I work as hard as I can at a very stressful job to provide for my family and make sure that they want and need for nothing. Then I come home and I’m a mom for the remainder of my time. This is not something I should have to cover up. These “flaws” prove that I am living! For three days lets begin a revolution of sorts. Everyday for at least three days post a photo of yourself embracing that natural beauty that is just your own. Use the hash tag below and let’s start a movement.
‪#‎beyoubebeautifulchallenge2k15‬ because ‪#‎youarebeautiful‬

First off, let me say this. This is exactly why I wrote Entertaining Angels. I want to start a movement. I want women to love themselves. I want you all to see how beautiful you are because YOU ARE YOU, and there is NO ONE LIKE YOU!!

So here’s my first photo. This is me, unfiltered, with my hair pulled back and absolutely no make up on. This is pretty much how I look on a day to day basis. Take the #beyoubebeautifulchallenge2k15 because #youarebeautiful, #youareworthy, and you deserve to #loveyourself!! And share with your friends! Women, we can do this!! We can prove that beauty should no longer be defined. Don’t bully yourself into thinking you aren’t beautiful because you are!



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