People are people, and that’s a fact.

The other day, I posted about an article regarding this Project Harpoon people who are taking plus-sized models and photoshopping them to look skinnier. As crazy as this is, it bothers me for one reason. People can’t let people be themselves. Some random guy even commented on my post, “You mean there is a person beneath that haes bs?”

In case you don’t know, “HAES” means “Happy at every size.” And well, the “bs” part is exactly what he’s spouting. Basically, this guy is saying that fat people aren’t people at all. Wow. Really dude? Just because someone is not a size zero doesn’t mean we aren’t people. We’re all people. Our size doesn’t determine whether we’re a person or not.

it's not about your size

The thing is, just because people want to be happy with themselves and love themselves doesn’t mean it’s “bs”. What it means is that people are finally stepping out there and not letting anything limit them anymore, most importantly themselves. And bravo! Just because you’re a size 28 doesn’t mean you can’t wear skinny jeans or cropped tees if that’s what you want. Personally, I don’t want to wear cropped tees, but that never stopped a size 22 Tess Holliday. Good for her.

I have finally decided that I won’t let people tell me what I can and can’t wear because I’m a chubby girl. I’m *just* a girl who likes what she likes. That’s a cold hard fact. My skinny jeans are my absolute favorite pair of jeans! I wear with them all of the time and with anything I want. Tees, tunics, and sleeveless tops – whatever. I love them, and that’s good because I’m a girl who can wear whatever she wants. Just like you.

You can wear whatever you want because you’re a person who likes things. No one should ever make you feel like less of a person for liking something that’s not typical of your body style or for looking a certain way. Celebrate your differences. We’re unique for a reason. Even twins don’t look 100% the same. There are differences that make them who they are. Accept yours for who *you* are. God created you to be the wo/man that you are. There’s no shame in it, and there’s no shame in wanting to lose weight either. (Yes. I’m going to take this tangent.)

Don’t let anyone force you to feel the need to lose weight, but don’t let anyone stop you from it either. If that’s what you want to do, great. You should, but I hope you love yourself as you are no matter your size. If you’re a size 18, I hope you love yourself as much as you do when you lose down to a 10.

My hope is simply that you love yourself. You be you. There’s no better alternative.


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