Why is body shaming harmful?

I recently had this strange thought pop into my head. Body shaming doesn’t just hurt us. You’re probably thinking, “What? What could you possibly mean, Emerald? Of course it hurts everyone. What on earth are you talking about?”

I had this epiphany on Facebook the other day. (And if you know me, that’s where I spend a majority of my time on social media.) I posted this, and it’s been one of my most engaging posts to date.

When you ‪#‎bodyshame‬ yourself, remember that others are watching. If they think you’re ‪#‎beautiful‬ and see you hating yourself, what will they think of themselves then? ‪#‎Bodyshaming‬ doesn’t hurt *just* you. It hurts everyone else around you. Negativity spreads quickly, and it’s important that we learn to love ourselves for this exact reason. Do you want to ruin the girl next to you? ‪#‎thinkbeforeyouspeak‬. ‪#‎youarebeautiful‬, and it’s time you learned to ‪#‎loveyourself‬

How many times has someone called you beautiful and you blew them off? Me? Too many times to count. I know my church members well, and a few have told me how pretty I looked or how beautiful I was, and my first reaction is to laugh. Really. I do. I give them a small little laugh because I find it ridiculous that someone could think that I’m pretty.

But this made me wonder. What is my scoffing at them telling me how pretty I am doing to their self-esteem? It’s basically me calling them a liar, but it could also have potential damaging effects to how they see themselves.

See, body shaming others is one thing, but body shaming yourself hurts you and the other person who has complimented you. If they think you’re beautiful and you think you’re not so you scoff at their compliments, don’t you think that would make them doubt what they knew about themselves even more so?

Body shaming is a terrible thing. You’re beautiful, and that’s a fact. So when someone else tells you that you are, please just tell them thank you. Remember, they’re probably having the same doubts that you are. Or they have a one point.

This is one of the reasons why body shaming is so harmful. Trust me, there are many, but this thought really made me think. We should love ourselves, and others, enough to not get so caught up in laughing at the truth. And it’s the truth coming from the other person. Chances are, they wouldn’t have said it if they didn’t mean it.

Once you learn to love yourself, everything else seems to fall in place. You can accept compliments, give them, and you learn to be more positive about things.

My hope is always that you can #loveyourself for who you are. #youarebeautiful, inside and out.


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