#plussizesexysize, a #plussize male model, and hashtags

I’m starting another hashtag. I have a thing for hashtags…


How did I come up with this? Well, it started when I was thinking about how sexy this new plus size (or big and tall) male Target model was. I always hashtag everything on Facebook and Twitter, and usually you’ll see my #youarebeautiful and #loveyourself tags. But this time, I was just typing and – bam, there you are. #plussizesexysize


And why not? I’m not promoting obesity. Don’t get me wrong. What I’m promoting is being happy with yourself. I’ve said that many times before, and I mean it. I’m a plus sized lady, and I happen to love myself. Do I think I’m sexy all of the time? No. But I do have my moments where I think, “Well, I’m not so bad looking.” 😉

What was I saying? Right. #plussizesexysize – it just means that you’re owning it. You’re owning loving yourself – no matter your size. This hashtag would work just as easily with #averagesizesexysize #skinnysizesexysize We’re all a size sexy, and I believe someone else has already started that hashtag #iamsizesexy. (Gonna be honest. I wish I had started that one.)

And then I began to think about the men out there who don’t feel sexy because in a world where toned abs and man buns are glorified, how do they feel? This model, Zach Miko, could change everything for everyone, just like the plus size women models are doing.

In the article above, Miko says, “I don’t ever want to be a small guy, and I’m tired of being told that in order to be in this world, I have to be smaller.”

His wife was quoted as well. (Yes, I’m sad that he has a wife.)

“I didn’t realize that he had the same pressures that a lot of women have,” Laura Miko said. “He’s told he needs to lose weight. He’s told he has to be more muscular. He’s told he has to be certain things.”

I’ve been in relationships with bigger guys who thought the same thing. My dad has been overweight as well. I know they struggle with the same thing women do, but we’ve put so much pressure on changing the world for women, that I think we’ve forgotten about the men out there who struggle with the same thing.

I’m guilty of thinking that men don’t have it as bad as women did. They aren’t expected to be this or that, but that’s not true. They’re expected to looked ripped and hot as well. Well, I’m here to tell you, I think Zach is hot. I love that he owns his body, and he’s happy in his own skin.

So here’s to all you men out there. #youarehandsome, and I hope that YOU can love yourself for who YOU are! You don’t have to do this alone. There are men out there struggling with the same thing as you. Just as there are women.

Oh, and for the men out there looking to be fashionable in your size, I came across this site for big and tall men, http://chubstr.com/


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