New Year, New You?

I was perusing a comment thread on the model, Tess Holliday’s, facebook page the other day. She had put a picture of herself (and due to the fact that this photo is a bit racy, I won’t be sharing it here) and asked others to share a picture of themselves at a point where they felt beautiful and trying something new they would have never done before. Some were sharing pictures of themselves in underwear, bikinis, dresses, with kids, etc. I thought about my photo I shared of me in skinny jeans and how that was a defining moment for me. Now, my skinny jeans (different ones) are my favorites!

But, that’s really not the point I was making here. I saw a different bunch of comments with beautiful women saying that they were finally comfortable enough to share pictures of themselves after losing weight (and some of them were large numbers of pounds shed! YAY them!). BUT, it saddened me. Why? Because these women felt like they had to lose ridiculous amounts of weight before they were happy with themselves.

I wanted to hug them and say, “You’ve always been beautiful. Don’t ever hide from that. Sure, be proud of how far you’ve come, but never forget that you started out beautiful, and you’ll end up beautiful.”

See, I want people to love themselves NOW. I don’t want people to feel as if they HAVE to change to be beautiful enough to share pictures of themselves. Maybe I’m optimistic. I don’t know, but it’s my hope that all will learn to love themselves RIGHT NOW and AS YOU ARE.


I guess you’re all wondering why I’ve titled this post the way I have considering that I haven’t mentioned the new year at all. Well, here we go. I promise it all ties in.

With New Year’s Day closing in upon us, like others, I have begun to think about the things I want most in 2016. I refuse to call them resolutions, though. I just think of it as more of a “plan” than a resolution. I always break my resolutions, so if something doesn’t go right, I can always say the plan changed.

Anyway, a big resolution that begins each year for many is one of losing weight, and yeah, I’ve been there many times before. I even want to try and lose weight in 2016, but I want to lose weight on my own terms.

Okay, so what does this have anything to do with what I just mentioned? Well, I think we all need to be careful to love ourselves and make sure that if we’re losing weight, it’s for the right reasons. Do you love yourself NOW, at the weight you’re at? Will losing weight ACTUAL be what makes your love yourself more?

You are MORE than your weight. You’re more than the numbers on the scale. You’re more than the size of your clothes! YOU ARE MORE!

When New Year’s Day rolls around, please don’t feel like it’s time to make a new you. The you you are is perfect the way s/he is.

Of course, if you *want* to do this, I’m not telling you not to. Even I want to change things about myself, but what I want is for you to love yourself more than you’ve ever loved yourself. Next year, I hope your new you is a you who can see your value and worth without feeling like you have to fit into the definitions that society has set. No one will ever fit that model. Not even the models.

To me, you are perfect. To God, you are perfect. To you, you should be perfect.


You are MORE than your weight. You're more than the numbers on the scale. You're more than the size of our clothes! YOU ARE MORE!



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