The #Selfie Pose

I’m good at the selfie pose. I’m a millennial—I guess. I mean, technically. And we’re good at selfies. Most of us anyway, but what is a selfie? It means you are showing yourself at your “best” angle, best head tilt, you look cute no matter what pose. And I’ve mastered it. I know just the right angle to make my face look thinner, my lips plumper (without that stupid duck face), and I can hide the flaws on my face just by moving my head the right way.

But what is that pose saying? Am I not showing myself for who I am? Am I trying to show you a different version of myself to make you “like” me more?

I’m not sure I like this thought very much because I’m so much more than the perfect pose of a picture, and yet, that’s how I want you all to see me.

I’ve heard stories about how some kids have killed themselves over not taking the perfect selfie and how some actually get depressed because they can’t perfect the selfie. Since when did the selfie become such a huge thing that people actually started getting depressed over it?

This saddens me. This makes me want to scream off the roof tops, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” You don’t have to have the perfect selfie to prove that!

That’s why I’ve been trying to show different angles of myself, even if I hate it. I want people to understand and see that I’m not hiding behind the camera. I’m actually acting on what I preach. At least I’m trying to.

#youarebeautiful and #loveyourself aren’t just hashtags. They’re a way of living. They’re a way to move past looks and actually see yourself.

Don’t look at yourself through a selfie pose. Just reaffirm yourself of how beautiful you truly are. There really is no need to put so much emphasis on the perfect selfie. Honestly, it’s just a picture. It’s not about who likes you the most. It’s about YOU liking YOU the most.

If you can’t learn to love yourself for who you are, what does that mean? You have to live with you, and it’s a miserable existence hating yourself all of the time. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there before. I still struggle with hating myself, but I’m tired of fighting. I want to love me, and this is where it begins.

Love your selfie, folks.

So, here are some selfies I kinda hate. They don’t show me at my best angle, but that’s fine. I’m still me no matter what my selfie looks like.



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