Why can’t I always look this good?

“Why can’t I always look this good?” I asked myself on Friday after taking an awesome selfie.

I had been ill last week with the stomach bug, Tuesday and Wednesday, and I was venturing out of the house to run some errands on Friday. I snapped a photo for Insta, FB, and Twitter and ended up with this photo which I captioned with:

It’s okay to be a mess, just don’t live there. I’ve had a horrible week, and I felt like I was under attack. I let my situation drive me away from letting #God work in my life and seeing all the blessings that He has given me. I’m rising above. I’m determined to be better, to act better in my relationship with God. Satan can’t #win this battle because I have #victory. You have the victory too. #Jesuslovesyou #loveyourself #victorious

Feb selfie

I had a rough week last week, as I said, and I laid that out on my inspirational blog. It’s about God being faithful when we aren’t. I was an emotional and physical mess. I felt awful, and I’m sure I looked just as awful as I felt. So when I posted this photo, it was a reminder to myself that even though I had a bad week, I was still victorious. I still rose above the bad week I’d had.

But I also had one other thought when I saw this photo: Why can’t I always look this good?

And then I laughed at myself. I always look this good because I don’t change from day to day. I always look like this. Sure, I was dressed in something other than pjs and my hair wasn’t pulled up into a messy bun, and I was actually wearing makeup. It’s not my normal look, but it’s part of my look, and I don’t always have to look like this to look and feel beautiful.

I think our problem tends to lie on the “feeling” beautiful part. Why do we have to “feel” beautiful? Can’t we just be beautiful?

I’ve caught myself telling one of my friends that I don’t feel pretty on certain days. I’ll feel like a complete dump, looking rough in my knit pants and t-shirts. My hair can be a frizzy mess, and I just feel so frumpy. My friend, who has never failed to remind me of my beauty, would always remind me that I was beautiful no matter what I looked or felt like. (He’s one of the main reasons that I started believing in my own beauty again.)

My point is, you can always look as good as your best days because YOU ARE YOU. You’re beautiful. You’ll always be beautiful.

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse with this message, but it’s my hope that one day, every woman and teenage girl will learn that they’re beautiful and feel confident in their own skin, even if you don’t feel beautiful.

So, in answer to my first question: “You can always look this good.”


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