Delivered by Angels Cover Reveal

Hey guys! We pause the #youarenotalone posts for one day to share my new amazing cover with y’all!

As you all may know, Delivered by Angels, is the second full-length novel in the Entertaining Angels series. It focuses on self-harm, depression, and suicide, which is the reason behind the hashtag #youarenotalone and for me to raise awareness about them.

One thing about this book is that it has truly opened my eyes to depression, suicide, and self-harm. It has forced me to understand these more, and it has made me want to share that God loves each and everyone of you – and I hope you never doubt that for one minute.

That being said, Delivered by Angels is a YA Christian paranormal fiction novel.

And what’s it about?

Determined to escape her abusive father and drunken mother, Lexi Johnson turns to the blade to numb her pain, but it isn’t enough to end her misery. She’s convinced that not even God could save her now.

Roxy Taylor is the new girl in town, and Lexi doesn’t trust her, especially when she teams up with DJ Tucker to try and break down the barriers that Lexi has put in place.

Little does Lexi know, there are greater forces battling for her life, and as Lexi begins to open up to both Roxy and DJ, she’ll see that she isn’t alone in this world.

In the heart-pounding sequel to Entertaining Angels, everyone’s favorite angel, Zach Taylor, is back, and he’s there to make sure that Madison and Chase Sanders are on the path that God has chosen for them, a path that could deliver Lexi from the demons who want her soul.

Alright. I know you guys are itching to see this beauty, and here it is!

dba ebook cover

Delivered by Angels is expected to hit the market on May 31st if all goes well, and I cannot wait to get it in your hands!

If you love to review books, there are a still a few slots open for an ARC (advanced reading copy which you must agree to review by May 31). Sign up here.


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