Dear Santa: White Christmas Kiss



It’s the last week of Dear Santa! We kick off the week with White Christmas Kiss by Kathy Bosman, and she’s sharing an excerpt with us!


Mr. Cantara stared at her, a frown pressing his dark eyebrows to form deep shadows over his eyes. Somehow, he seemed so much more attractive to her now that he’d wiped that silly grin off his face—attractive and real, and she so wished she could touch him somehow. Choking silently, she turned and walked to the highest spot by an almost intact little, round, thatched cottage and stared at the aqua sea, streaked with grey and cadet blue.

A presence prickled her back. She turned to face Mr. Cantara, right there, a mere two feet from her.

“What a view.” He was unperturbed by how her body jarred at his closeness. Stupid woman for leaving him. Oh, maybe he’d left her. What was she thinking? She didn’t believe in love, well, didn’t believe she could be capable of it. Was she even capable of such strong feelings of attraction?

Close up, he seemed taller, thicker-set, stronger, and deeply broody. He stared out at the view while the guide spoke at a distance to the other sheep while she, as usual, went her own stubborn, individualistic way

“I love this spot, but I’ve never had a chance to stay for long.”

“We don’t have to follow the tour. You know the area, don’t you?”

Panic sliced through her. Being alone with this man, who was definitely out of bounds, seemed a bad idea today. Especially the way her body responded—all her womanly needs suddenly rising to the fore, every nerve-ending in her body prickling with his nearness.

“I…not that well. I’d prefer to stick with the tour.”

“I’m tired of crowds.”whitechristmaskiss453x680

She jerked her head towards him. “Why?”

“I come from a big extended family.”

Oh, that could explain things. “Obligation? Getting on with everyone. I should know. I also come from a large family.”

“Desia couldn’t understand why I didn’t want a big wedding. Okay, I never did get to tell her why, but she knows how difficult my family can be. They’re always bickering about something, causing drama and conflict. Some days, I just want to escape to a desert island somewhere far away and drink in the solitude. I don’t want to think of how to solve their problems. I wanted our wedding to be about us, not them.”

“You should work on a passenger liner.”

“But all the people, there are literally hundreds on the ship.”

“I have my few friends, but most of the day, I’m alone. I’m not complaining. It’s been very therapeutic.”

“I should consider it.” He pressed a solid finger to his lips—solid and masculine on a hand she longed to hold.

The flash of intimacy broke as he averted his gaze to the vast expanse below. Why had she enjoyed seeing into his soul so briefly? Something stirred within her, longing for more. And she’d sworn she didn’t want to know how his relationship with his girlfriend had failed. Intense curiosity now burned within her.


More about White Christmas Kiss

Rachelle runs a little wedding chapel on the Coderica Passenger Liner. Two years on the passenger liner haven’t helped her find peace from past mistakes. Ray brings his girlfriend on the Coderica’s grand cruise to Europe. When his plans to marry her in the little chapel go horribly wrong and the relationship fails, Ray and Rachelle are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Romance blossoms in Europe, culminating on Christmas Day. But the cruise ends and Rachelle isn’t sure she’s ready to leave the Coderica with Ray. Will the memory of their white Christmas kiss be strong enough to bring them together forever?

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