Dear Santa: Tinsel Pup


Today, we have a special guest post by Kathleen Gemmell! She’s an author and wanted to share this sweet, Christmas post with us.


Hannah was an old soul. Her litter mates were silly, mischievous and puppy-clumsy. As a breed, Collies tend to be reserved. Hannah was just plain old serious, and I liked that in a dog. I had no reservations when my little son and I decided that she would join our family.

Jonathan adored his best friend. They played, cuddled, and shared snacks. They were rarely apart and I trusted Hannah with my guy explicitly. No, she didn’t write, “Help!” in the mashed potatoes as Lassie could do, but she was our dog, our Hannah.

As Christmas rolls around, I find myself retelling the same tale… from the time, years ago, which was fragrant with ginger and balsam and drying mittens.

“We had a huge tree that year and it took up far too much room. And, we had ornaments…loads of memories dangling from the branches. Now, I’m not a tinsel lover, but Jon did his six year old best to hide all the greenery with clumps of that silver foil. Yes, that tree was quite a sight for all eggnog imbibed.

Hannah made a bed on the quilted tree skirt. The lights reflected off of her shiny coat and she looked every bit the Christmas card portrait donning her green scarf. Jon would curl up next to her as he found delight in the special shows about snowmen, reindeer and green guys who tried to spoil that golden day.

Well, of course I came down with some nasty, influenza-type, miserable, tissue- grabbing thing. Christmas Eve day I was fitfully dozing as Jonathan, with dog, tamed lions, shot bad guys and constructed a couch fort. Eventually I awoke from my cold remedy fog and was captivated by a truly wonderful sight…

A tinsel-laden, ornament-laden, red and green, wide-eyed HANNAH!     

‘Merry Christmas, Mom!’

“Indeed, Honey, indeed.'”


kathleen gemmellKathleen Gemmell loves playing with written words. Currently penning for 6 online sites and magazines, Kathy is also a story teller, an animal welfare proponent, a psychology buff and a connoisseur of fine pizza.



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