Self-Harm and Tattoos #WATWB


Hey guys! Welcome to another month of We Are The World Blogfest! (Can you believe it’s already been a month? Seriously, where is time going?)

Anyway, I’d first like to thank my fellow co-hosts this month: Michelle Wallace, Peter Nena, Andrea Michaels and Shilpa Garg.

I came across this inspiring post on Facebook one day, and it really warmed my heart. Let me preface this by saying that if you follow me regularly, you know that my heart goes out to those who are suicidal, depressed, and who self-harm. I wrote a book about it that broke my heart, and ever since then, I have tried my best to raise awareness to the fact that they are not alone. So, this news story, it really spoke to my heart when I read it.

This girl struggled with self-harm, and when she recovered, she wanted to cover up the difficult reminder of her past, a lot like my MC in Delivered by Angels.

Throughout her teens, Lovett has struggled with depression and self-harm. Although she stopped self-harming a few years ago, she says her scars are a constant reminder of her pain.

“It’s very hard when you’re a couple of years clean from doing it and every day you’re constantly reminded of what you did. It brings back memories of how you felt then. There’s a lot of shame that comes with it and guilt, especially when you’re around your family,” Lovett said.

So Lovett decided to tattoo something beautiful over her ‘ugly’ scars but couldn’t find a tattoo artist to take on the job. Apparently, tattooing over scarred skin is difficult and rarely looks as good as on a smooth canvas.

Then she met Ryan Kelly. The young tattoo artist lost his mentor and best friend to suicide last year and struggled with his own anxiety for most of his life.

You can read the rest of the story here.


It’s encouraging to know that there are good and decent people out there who are willing to help, despite the difficulty of tattooing scarred flesh. He knew the pain associated with self-harm, and he just wanted to help. ❤ ❤

If you’re struggling with self-harm or suicidal thoughts, consider contacting the National Suicidal Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.

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19 thoughts on “Self-Harm and Tattoos #WATWB

  1. Lovely story, Emerald. Coming from a family familiar with suicide survival I can resonate – although I don’t normally get enthused about tattoos. But this man has turned her scars into art. I hope that Aoife continues to thrive and that Ryan gets plenty of business. Thanks for sharing and co-hosting us.

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  2. This seems like a powerful way to put the past behind you, while building on it. The tats are beautiful. I’m sorry to learn that doing that kind of work is difficult, but am impressed with the artist who made it happen. If only he could start a trend…

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  3. Tattoos are a great way to cover scars like these. I had never thought of using them in such a positive way. Good for Ryan Kelly for starting a charity to do this work. Thanks for co-hosting this month and for sharing this wonderful story Emerald.

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  4. This is truly a fabulous story that deeply warms my heart – thank you so much for sharing it Emerald, as well as for co-hosting this month. Each one of these beautiful tattoos is a celebration that helps to turn a time of pain into a reminder that life can transform. Kudos to all the artists helping, and love to all those who self-harm and those that find their way into recovery.

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  5. I have a handful of tattoos, and each one is dear to me for a particular reason. I think turning scars into a beautiful piece of art is a great idea that allows a person to look at that portion of their body as a victory, rather than the lowest moments of their lives. Turning ashes into beauty; what a wonderful thing.

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  6. That was the most interesting article I’ve read all day, maybe all week! Bravo to the artists willing to take a little more time and use a little more creativity to help someone along their healing journey.

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  7. hilarymb

    Hi Emerald – what a wonderful idea to be able to hide the scars, yet create a beautiful work of art … I’m sure it will help give positive vibes to all who wish to have a place to start again and aid with their ongoing recovery … lovely heart warming story – cheers Hilary

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  8. This is a wonderful story Emerald – what a gift these artists are giving – it must feel like a triumph for those poor scarred people like Lovett, when they eventually see their scars disappearing. Bravo. Thank you for sharing and for hosting.

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  9. Thank goodness for Ryan Kelly!
    I get it that tattooing over scarred skin is difficult, but that’s no reason for tattoo shops to refuse to assist Lovett? I suppose the shop’s professional reputation was at stake…
    It’s also heart-warming to read that Lovett started a non-profit organization to help other sufferers – such a great way to pay it forward!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    #WATWB #InDarknessBeLight

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  10. Shilpa Garg

    It’s so wonderful that she decided to put her past behind her and looked at future with positivity. Glad that she met Ryan. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story, Emerald!

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