Meet My Mississippi by Patricia Neely-Dorsey

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Dorsey at a fundraiser for the Nettleton Public Library, a local library here in the greatest state in the U.S.A., Mississippi.

Herticine Goree, PND, and me 8.25.18
Me and Mrs. Patricia Dorsey, August 25, 2018 in Nettleton, MS

I had the pleasure of hearing her read her newest children’s book, Meet My Mississippi, (along with other poems from her other work) and honestly, I think that Meet My Mississippi is great for everyone to understand just how great our state really is.


About the Book:

Adapted from the poem Meet My Mississippi by Patricia Neely-Dorsey, the Meet My Mississippi children’s book is an EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL TOOL AND FUN LITERARY TOUR GUIDE FILLED WITH INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT MISSISSIPPI.

It is a wonderful way to share love and knowledge of Mississippi across generations.

The book showcases some of the best that Mississippi has to offer in a kid-friendly format. It’s perfect for kids from 8 to 80!

The reader can  explore Mississippi landmarks and legends through poetic verse while enjoying over 40 AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS by a Mississippi artist.

The book invites EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE to KNOW More About Mississippi, LEARN More About Mississippi and LOVE More About Mississippi!

From the Author:

Bills were submitted in  the 2016, 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions for consideration of Meet My Mississippi as state poem.

But the bills did not make it out of committee.We are hoping that things will be different in 2019.

We are trying to get the book/poem into every Mississippi home, school , library and museum as possible !

We hope  that  exposure and use of the poem  will increase the chances of getting the poem passed as state poem  in the next legislative session.

I am very passionate about Promoting a Positive Mississippi, especially to the youth of our state.

I want to EDUCATE the world that there is more to Mississippi than all of the negatives usually portrayed.

I want to EMPOWER our children with knowledge that will help to instill a sense of pride in our state

I want to EQUIP our children with knowledge that will help to combat all of the negative images that they are constantly bombarded with

I want to ENLIGHTEN all to a new way of thinking about Mississippi

I want to use my poem “Meet My Mississippi” to help to teach the children of our state (and people of all ages ) some important things about Mississippi in a way that can be easily understood , remembered and recalled.

No Mississippi child should be without this book!

Purchase your copy on Amazon.

Please e-mail or write letters to Rules Committee chair and Tourism Committee chair in support of Meet My Mississippi for state poem.
Terry C. Burton, Rules Committee Chairman:
Gray Tollison, Vice-Chairman:
House Tourism Chair, Representative Becky Currie:

Christmas with Kandi J. Wyatt’s Dragon Courage Series

Dragon's Eye background Dragon Courage Series

I am really excited about today’s Christmas post! Kandi J. Wyatt is introducing us to her Christmas book in the Dragon Courage series, and guess what, this is a preview! It’s not even out yet. This is exciting!

Here are the first two chapters of Dragon’s Winter (which takes place after book three). And that gives you plenty of time to read the first three books in the series before this is released!


Chapter 1

Ruskya gazed up at the stars, which glowed crisp and bright in the winter sky. “I look like a dragon, Wyeth.”

His dragon chuckled. “A little small, I’d say.”

“Look who’s calling who small. I wasn’t referring to my body, though, but to the way my breath is freezing around my nose.”

“I know, little one. What is bothering you?”

Ruskya sighed and watched his breath turn to ice crystals. “I miss Duskya. It’s almost the anniversary of our choosing, and Ardyn’s birth day is coming up as well. I miss her the most at this time of the year.”

Ruskya shivered and knelt down to gather the firewood he’d come outside for. The door opened to reveal a tussled red head.

“Are you coming, Da?”

“Here you go, Ardyn. Thanks for getting the door for me.”

Ruskya dropped the wood in the wood box while avoiding stepping on Tyler’s fingers. The boy, who’d just seen his second winter, had a tendency to play on the floor in the least convenient spot. Ruskya bent down, picked up his youngest, and gave him a hug.

“Da, can you tell us a bed-time story?” Sylvern asked.

“Please, Da?” Kathryn gazed up at him with pleading, blue eyes.

Sylvern and Kathryn had seen six and four winters. The girls rarely did anything separately.

“If you hop into bed, I can tell you a story.”

With a scurry, Ardyn and the girls rushed to the bedroom. Ruskya realized he’d need to expand the house and give Ardyn his own bedroom. Watching the girls interact made the longing for his twin grow. He pushed his feelings down and focused on telling the story of the dragon who became a farmer.

Carryl tucked the kids in and then sat down next to Ruskya in front of the fire. The crackle of the blaze filled the room. Ruskya smelled Carryl’s lavender soap that she used to wash her hair. He sighed deeply and ran his fingers through her hair.

“I wish I could help you, Ruskya.”

“I know. It’s the curse of Calamadyn twins. Our bond is too strong. Look what happened to Kyn, and he never even knew his twin.”

“True, but I feel responsible for helping you.”

A bed squeaked as one of the kids turned over.

“Do you want a cup of tea?” Carryl stirred.

Ruskya drew her closer to him. “Stay put. You and Ma both think tea’s the answer to everything.”

“Well, it definitely helps.”

Ruskya smiled. “Honestly, the best thing would be to see Duskya, but since that’s not going to happen—”

“Why not?” Carryl looked up at him with sincere green eyes. “Why can’t we invite her and the family to come for a visit?”

Ruskya stared at his wife, hope warring with reality within him. “Look around, Carryl. Kyn moved out so there’d be room for the kids. Where would we put another four people in here?”

“Duskya’s old abode is still empty. I could fix it up for them.”

“Carryl, that place has been empty for the last seven winters.”

“Leave that to me and the kids. We’ll get it cleaned up. You just get a message to your sister.”

Ruskya watched the fire as he mulled over the idea. How could he get a message to Duskya? He couldn’t leave Carryl with the kids, and he’d already left the kids with his ma and Glendyn too much, between helping find Peri and going to Braidyn’s wedding. With a sigh he leaned forward and rested his chin on his fist.

“What about Kyn?” Carryl laid a hand on his back.

“Maybe.” Ruskya contemplated the suggestion. “He just returned from a trip a moon ago. He seemed pretty eager to be home.”

“But, he is your youngling and will do just about anything you ask him to.”

Ruskya stood and reached out mentally toward his youngling. Carryl encircled his waist from behind.

“I would wait until morning to contact him. Let him sleep.”

Ruskya chuckled. “Why should I let him sleep if I can’t?”

“Because he’ll get there faster if he is rested.”

“Fine.” Ruskya chuckled. “I will wait, but it will be difficult.”


Kandi J Wyatt AuthorAbout Kandi:

Even as a young girl, Kandi J Wyatt, had a knack for words. She loved to read them, even if it was on a shampoo bottle! By high school Kandi had learned to put words together on paper to create stories for those she loved. Nowadays, she writes for her kids, whether that’s her own five or the hundreds of students she’s been lucky to teach. When Kandi’s not spinning words to create stories, she’s using them to teach students about Spanish, life, and leadership.


Where to find her:








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