Dreaming Awake

It’s something we do as writers. We take our dreams and bring life to them. To me, it refers to the daydreaming or brainstorming. Karen S. Wiesner in her book from First Draft to Finished Novel quotes Terry Brooks in his book Sometimes the Magic Works? about brainstorming which he refers to as dreaming.

He says that dreaming…opens the door to creativity and allows the imagination to invent something wonderful. It happens when your mind drifts to take you to a place you’ve never been so you can come back and tell readers about it.

That is exactly how I feel about Dreaming Awake. It’s taking all of these ideas swimming around in our brain and transforming them into a story that people will fall in love with!

All those times we’ve sat down and stared at a blank piece of paper or document on the computer screen and made those pages come to life with characters and plot, we were dreaming awake.

This is why I have titled my blog, Dreaming Awake, because to me, it is what writing’s all about.

I’ll leave with this quote from Wiesner, she says in her book , “…until a writer has brainstormed adequately, she won’t have a good story to tell.”  But I’d like to replace “brainstormed” with “Dreamed Awake.”

Enjoy my blog posts, read about my novella, browse the About the Author Page, and feel free to comment!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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