Guest Posts

Taking a Chance on Indie Authors: It’s hard to take a chance on an Indie these days, but here’s why I think you should give us a chance.  (Christian Author, Karen Baney was kind enough to host my post.)

Gratitude Blog Hop : This is what gratitude means to me.  (Bless Their Hearts Mom hosted me.)

Pen is Mightier than Sword with Emerald: This is about editing, and how I think is a good way to edit that novel you’ve been working on.  (I joined the author of Eternal Beginnings, Christine Cunnigham, for this one.)

What to Expect as a Writer:  I joined Mrs. Laura Stanfill on her blog and discussed how I felt what to expect as a writer.  Basically, it’s what I’ve learned along the way.

Celebrating the WLC – Emerald Barnes talks Uniting a Community : Join me as I discuss what the WLC means to me.

Finding Your Inspiration:  Join me as I discuss finding your inspiration with author Wendy Young.

Never Give Up on Your Writing: Join me as I discuss never giving up on your writing no matter how much you want to with Writer Krissy Brady.

When to Know What to Write: I discuss when to know what to write with Author Amy Durham.

How do you deal with your fickle muse?:  I discuss this with Author Lisa V. Proulx.

Community Amongst Writers: Spencer Brokaw hosts me as I discuss a feeling of community with writers.

Confidence as an Author : YA Author, Andrea Buginsky hosted me as I discussed confidence in being an author.

Jean BookNerd: What was the greatest thing I learned in school?

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