Keep Walking: Guest Post by Author Kadee Carder

What do you love doing? I like to write. I dig a great movie, I hoard cheesecake, and I adore new purses, but I come alive when I write. What makes you feel blissful? Are you trying to kickstart a new venture, pursue long-term goals, or basically weather the storm? All those things which make us feel alive, they are so valuable, are they not? What would life be without bliss and passion and fulfillment?

You know, I’ve noticed that those undertakings, while bringing sparkle and adventure and pink polka dot fuzzies, come with a side of heartbreak and an extra shot of the tears of your ancestors. Adventures aren’t always fun. Behind the light, shadows lurk. The good news is…we’re in this together. And we have coffee.

I believe in hope, I hope for trust, and I trust in faith. Faith powers tenacity. And with faith in a loving God, we can do amazing work. Good work. Excellent work. [Break for a sip of coffee.]

Now, first of all, I’m going to be terribly honest with you. That means I’m going to smudge those rosy-colored shades a smidge: All of this is hard. It’s all hard. But while it is challenging, it’s also filled with hugs, and laughter, and blue skies, and soft breezes, and chocolate.

Recently, at a particularly low moment, I shuffled along the road. I just had to get out of my house, away from technology, and away from the goals I was trying to pursue and having only overwhelming, looming walls blocking me from advancing. My shadow reflected my wounded spirit. Praying, hoping, and absorbing the golden sunlight, I wound through the neighborhood. Countless sighs drifted toward the ether. And then a Fed-Ex truck pulled up beside me, and the driver, smiling, called out to me, “No! You cannot stop! Keep walking.”

Laughing, I nodded and agreed with him, and he wished me a good day and an enjoyable walk. “You look like you’re ready to be done with your walk,” he added as he drove away. “Keep walking.” I thanked him and shoved my hands in my pockets.

Even Batman can puzzle the implications as to why on this particular day this particular girl slumped along and a particular Fex-Ex driver felt the need to say that. But he did. He dared venture to speak the words I desperately needed to hear.kadee-carder-quote

Do you need to hear them, too, friend?

No, you cannot stop. Keep walking.

Life is an accumulation of shared gifts. You or I may not always be the best at something, but you are best at the gift you have to give. You are in your space to help those within your reach. Only you can offer your love in your quirky manner, so go get it out and dish it up.

Now let’s discuss the walking.

I’ve got an extra mug poured for you. Cream? Sugar?

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Deep in the heart of Texas, Kadee Carder resides with her husband and daughters. Carder earned a BA in Public Relations at Howard Payne University and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. She teaches English courses on the university level and plans her schedule around coffee availability. When she’s not dancing around the living room with her daughters, she helps at church activities, creates encouraging blogs, and orders pizza like a boss.

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Do you enjoy fiction? We humans have to be stronger than we ever imagine, love ourselves in the process, and dig in when the ground seems to sink. We not only relish adventures, we create them. That’s the basis of Saylor’s story in my young adult science fiction trilogy, Insurrection.

Book Blurb:

Saylor started out on one adventure and ended up on another. After finding herself on a Caribbean island filled with strange noises, dazzling beaches, and a secret military base, Saylor must seize the missing pieces of her fate. While harnessing her ability to communicate with deadly weapons of mass destruction, attending the annual gala, and fighting her growing feelings for the hunky Australian soldier, Saylor’s instincts become increasingly distressed. Tempted by greed and independence, she must determine what she stands for and on whose side she belongs. Power within in her. War without.

They wanted a warrior. They got one.

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An amazing first novel in a series that I can already tell will become one of my favorite series.

If you are looking for a unique science fiction book you need to pick this book up! You will be memorized by the story, the wonder of the strange island, the romance developing, and the unwavering friendship.”
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I can’t wait for the second and third books.”
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A new journey

May 31 marked the end of Booktrope, my publisher. We were all blindsided and hurt. Where do we go from here? There were lots of questions, few answers, and before we knew it, we were all scrambling to find places to republish or to self-publish again. Luckily, we all stuck together, and things seemed to transition somewhat easily as we made deals with our teams, etc. I won’t go into the mess that was for some, but I’m grateful my teams were awesome about everything.

In the end, I decided to self-publish my Entertaining Angels series again.

The decision didn’t come lightly. I was offered a place at a small press, but I decided that I didn’t want to be under a contract again at the moment. Why? That’s kind of hard to explain. See, I have big dreams for my books, bigger than I should be dreaming probably, but that’s okay. I’ve always loved a quote that said, “Dream so big that you look ridiculous if God doesn’t step in.” That’s what I’m doing. I’m dreaming so big and believing that God has a plan for me.

For I know the plans I have for you,”

I believe that God puts dreams in our hearts for a reason. We all have a purpose on this planet, and this is mine. My purpose is to spread God’s love through the written word. Maybe that’s not my sole purpose, but it’s one I can begin with.

I may look crazy after you guys read this post, but I’m done only half believing in myself and my dreams. I’m going full blast. Someway, I’ll make it. I’ll keep spreading the message of learning to love oneself, learning to see how God really sees you, and knowing that you are not alone, and it will be on a much larger scale. I’m daring to dream bigger.

Anyway, this blog post has sort of taken a strange turn. I never really meant to get into all of that, although I’m happy with holding myself accountable to my dreams. (And that’s why it hasn’t been removed in edits.)

What I wanted to say as well was that I’m working on republishing my books asap. They’re going through KDP publishing right now. Hopefully Amazon will have them available here. I’ll update this post when they do, as well as the one on Facebook.

Also, I’ve ordered proof copies of my paperbacks today, so it will still be at least a week before you can purchase them again. And yes, I said them. I’m doing a paperback for Before We Say I Do, which is unconventional for a short story BUT I did have people wanting them before. I know people like to have hard copies of series (I do!), so I wanted that option available.

As far as Delivered by Angels goes…well, I’m hoping for June 14 as its release day still, but I’m waiting on a full jacket cover and the layout for the book itself. And the jacket can’t happen without layout.

So I’m praying it will all work out the way  it’s supposed to. Keeping to a date is not a huge deal, but I am ready for you guys to have it in your hands!

Stay tuned for more as the after-Booktrope journey continues!

UPDATE: I now have buy links; everything is up to date except for the covers though. :/  I’ve contacted Amazon. We’ll see what happens in the next few days, but the interior is correct if you want to buy it now. 😉

Entertaining Angels

Before We Say I Do