Books That Make Your Heart Flutter Blog Hop


Welcome to the Books That Make Your Heart Flutter Hop by Candlelight Reads! Our theme this time around is: What are some of the books that make your heart go pitter-patter when you read them?

This is a tough question for me to answer because there are so many! Whenever I read the Bloodline series or The Selection Series, they always make my heart do a little pitter-patter, but there are so many others! I just *love* books. A well-written book can always make my heart flutter! What’s the one – or few – books that make your heart go pitter patter?


Answer in the comments below and let me know! (Also, please add your email address so I can email you! Thanks!) You could win a paperback copy of my Entertaining Angels books, a bookmark,  (US only) and digital copy of the short story, Before We Say I Do! (International winners will receive all digital books!)

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Love, Candy and Cupcakes Blog Hop (and giveaway)!

CLRFebHappy Friday the 13th! I mean, Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! (Although, to me, this holiday is worse than Friday the 13th, and I HATE anything scary!)


But even I have to admit there’s something wonderful about all of these sweet romances circulating around this time of the year. (Hello. My name is Emerald, and I’m a Hallmark Channel addict.)

This weekend, I’ll be at home watching Hallmark and reading some sweet romance books.

But, my favorite romance is hard to pinpoint because I’m a sucker for so many different love stories.

Although, I guess one that has always been my favorite is the romance between Westley and Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride. Not only is the book/movie funny, it’s about a love that transcends almost anything that’s being thrown their way, including being mostly dead.


It’s a wonderful story, and I’ve always been in love with Westley. He would always do anything for Buttercup. Everything that he did, he did for her, and although she seems like a weak, damsel in distress, she does threaten once or twice to kill herself if she has to marry Prince Humperdinck when he basically kidnaps her for that reason.


And it ends with this beautiful, hopeful scene with a couple riding off into the sunset on horseback. I mean, it’s sooo romantic! I hope one day I can ride off into the sunset with someone. Just kidding. I don’t like horses all that much.


(For more on why to read the book, check out this blog post.)

What is your favorite romance? Tell me in the comments!

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