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Hey guys!  Just a quick little message here.  I’m on YA Indie today talking about beta readers!  (Don’t worry.  If you’ve beta read for me, I haven’t called you out. 😉 ) 

Also, earlier this week author Pete Abela hosted me on his blog for an interview!  Check it out!!

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Penny Estelle makes her way here during the Summer Teen Reading Party

Today I have the immense pleasure of introducing to you Penny Estelle on a stop during the Summer Teen Reading Party

Welcome, Penny!


When I search for publishers for my middle grade/YA stories, their “wants list” usually consists of romance of all kinds, from sweet to not so sweet, paranormal stories of any kind, fantasies (no complaints here as my story, Hike Up Devil’s Mountain, is peppered with magic and fantasy), and science fiction. Vampires and werewolves seem to have a lot of staying power these days, no matter the age of the reader! Do you think paranormal is a fad? I mean a REALLY BIG fad?

So my question is – has family fiction gone by the wayside? I’m talking mother/daughter trauma, father/daughter trauma, grandmother/…..well you get my drift. What about family “feel good” fiction? Do these types of stories have a place in today’s world? Do publishing houses find these types of stories passé?

I tend to write short stories. Most are under 12,000 words, so eBooks are huge for me. I have a few stories I have written, under this umbrella of family fiction.

Do I hide them in my closet, or do I…..G U L P…..feed my wood burning stove?


Hike Up Devil’s Mountain

Ten-year old Andy Thompson disobeys his mother and sneaks into the basement of an old abandoned house that’s due for demolition. He stumbles upon a mysterious box under an old cabinet. And his troubles begin when he looks inside.

The Crew brothers, twelve-year old Jason, and ten-year old Danny, also find their way to the basement. New to town, Jason has established himself as the school bully. A struggle ensues between Andy and Jason and the bully ends up as a toad.

Somehow, the boys must reverse the magical spell. And that means hiking up the dread mountain: fast pace, fast action with scares and surprises on the way! The lives of all three boys seem destined to change forever, if they survive…

Solstice Publishing


Smash words


A Float Down the Canal

Twelve-year old Pam Simpson gets dumped on when her mother is called into work. She must cancel her plans for the mall to baby-sit her younger brother and his friend and take them to the public pool.  To make matters worse her cousin, Candy, is also coming over for the day.  She doesn’t even like Candy!

Much to Candy’s dismay, transportation to the pool is on inner tubes, floating down the canal.  One thing leads to another and it is Pam who, once again, must save the day.

When things couldn’t seem worse, the day takes a drastic turn for the better and it is Candy, and the float down the canal, that makes this the best day of Pam’s life!


Sony ebooks

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Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare – COMING SOON!

Billy Cooper’s seventh grade class has been given a last minute, weekend assignment.  They must all draw a piece of paper out of a box and do an oral book report on the person or event that was drawn.  Billy draws the name, William Tell, whoever that is.  He has a full weekend planned, but figures he’ll do a ten-minute search and then be able to skate right through the assignment, having plenty of time for his busy weekend.

His outlook changes when he finds himself in the fourteenth century, standing in front of William Tell’s house.  Billy’s modern day style and lingo has William Tell thinking the lad a bit unbalanced, but asks if he would like to go along with him and his son to the town of Altdorf. It is here, Billy learns just who William Tell is and why he is a legend.


A little about me

I retired after 21 years as a school secretary.  I would watch all the little kids run into the school library to check out their books, always wanting to show anybody who would stop, the treasures they found and were taking home to read.  I also noticed the enthusiasm with the older kids was hard to find.  I truly feel with the world today, it is so very important for kids to read….and read….and read!  They need to be able to read for their future and well-being.  It also helps to be able to escape some of the harsh realities that are happening in their own worlds.

That’s why I chose this age group to write for.  Their sarcasm and whit (two characteristics I must have in my stories) mixed with some adventure and fantasy, always makes for a good read.  My hope is that kids that read my stories, can escape into another world and leave their troubles behind, if only for a little while.

Join me on Penny’s blog as I talk about writing YA characters!

Beth Elisa Harris discusses her new novel, Soul Herder, on the Soul Herder Blog Tour!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the talented Beth Elisa Harris to my blog today!  Her new book, Soul Herder, is on tour and is making a stop here!  I read her first novel, Vision, eagerly, and I am very excited to see the second book in the trilogy available! 

My review of Vision, Book one of the Vision Trilogy.  5 stars

Author Beth Elisa Harris draws us into a world you will not want to escape with her first book, Vision, in the Vision Trilogy. You’ll immediately be drawn in by the main character and her difference. She can hear others’ thoughts. Ms. Harris takes this idea and adds in details you don’t see in other stories. It’s fresh and new. It’s a story you can have fun reading and will be sad when you set it down. And you will eagerly await the release of the second book to see how this plays out when you finish it!

Welcome, Beth!

SOUL HERDER, the second in the trilogy is set for release May 1. What can readers expect?

In VISION, readers are introduced to Layla, her family, her boyfriend and learn about her history. Her Clear abilities—the profound capacity to read thoughts and predict events through dreams—create danger and geo-political interest and bad things happen. She has a unique relationship with her mom and with a woman from Colonsay that blows the lid off life as she knows it. She discovers her connections and why she can no longer have a normal life. In SOUL HERDER, Layla is transformed. Without giving the story away, it’s a game-changer. Layla goes from isolated bookworm to a significant global citizen almost overnight. My hope is when readers finish SOUL HERDER they will recognize this is a story about transformation, connection, power, and fulfilling destiny. The geo-political component adds complex dimension but most important, Layla is not the same girl who left Portland the previous year. There is also tons of action in SOUL HERDER including an intense battle scene.

What can we expect in the final book and is there a release date?

WRITTEN IN TIME will conclude the trilogy and go further back in history to unveil how Layla’s prophesy came to be. It will also reveal origins of the Bane revenge for power and land. ‘Nuff said! We are aiming for a release toward the end of the year. It’s ambitious—two in one year, but I have other projects I’m working on and I really want to have the full trilogy out there for readers why I turn my attention to other partially written books. As much as I love the story and characters, it will be time to say goodbye after the third and final. I am sure I will cry as I did with the others!

What inspires you to tell stories?

Yikes! Well, when I was just learning to speak, my mom used to tell the story of how I would not leave her alone to use the restroom. She would hear me breathe under the door and I would beg her to let me in so I could tell her a story. So, the inclination started early. I am not sure where the inspiration comes from—people always ask me how I ‘come up with this stuff’ and I can only respond by saying ‘it just does.’ I can create a story around just about anything—the challenge is determining if that story can be expanded to a book and an interesting one people will want to read. I want interesting things to happen to my characters. I admire fearless story-telling, when authors go to a place others dare to tread. I can handle dark places, but give the reader something that is redeeming, that inspires or connects in some way. Otherwise, I think it’s a let-down and a negative experience. Fiction has the power to uplift and change people. I can finish a book and be a little sad, but I don’t want to be angry or feel the situation didn’t resolve well.

What can we expect after the trilogy?

There are a few projects on the burner. One I started awhile back called FLYERS—about a young woman and others with the ability of flight. I am really excited about getting that published. I’m also working on a story about a mother who judges her daughter’s boyfriend based on appearance, and the fallout caused by her actions. Those are just two. It’s exciting!

In your blogs, you talk a lot about the business of writing. Is being an author worth the time spent on the business side of the industry?

Ideally, I think most authors, if given a choice, would opt to write all day. The business side is unglamorous and requires a ton of daily attention, but it’s necessary to connect with readers, grow sales and promote your work. There is no way around it, unless you are not trying to make a name for yourself and earn a living. So, yes it’s worth the time and energy and effort, because selling books allows you to continue writing. It’s all connected.

What is the most difficult part of the writing process for you?

Honestly, I agonize over every word, sentence and paragraph. I lay in bed re-phrasing something I’ve written and can’t relax until I’ve made the change or at least jotted it down so I remember. There are countless ways to say something. Then I consider how the character speaks. Is it true to their speech pattern and vocabulary. When you write a series, the voices become second nature because you know the characters well. In the VISION trilogy, Layla grows, matures and changes through the books, so her voice evolves. Stuart, on the other hand, is steadfast, although in SOUL HERDER we see more of his thick dialect influenced by years of living in proper times!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!  I wish you much success on your blog tour and release of Soul Herder, and I certainly look forward to reading the next book in the series! 

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More stops on the Blog Tour as well as PRIZES to be won!

Hi guys!  As you all know, I’m touring the web, spreading the word about my new YA book, Read Me Dead!  It’s been loads of fun, and I have two more stops for you to check out!

Micheal Rivers hosts me on his blog as you get another exclusive look into Read Me Dead!  2 lucky commenters will win a digital copy!!

And I discuss romance in YA fiction with S.M. Boyce!  Plus, 2 more lucky commenters will win a digital copy! 

That’s not all!  For the low price of a like on Facebook, you could possibly win a prize pack which includes a Read Me Dead t-shirt and pen, $10 Starbucks gift card and a digital copy of my novel! Just follow the giveaway tab at the top and enter to win!

Okay.  That’s it for now!  Don’t forget to keep an eye on my website or blog page for more stops and giveaways!

Can you handle the suspense? And Why a YA protag doesn’t have to kick-butt to be liked…

Today, I had the pleasure of joining horror author, Carrie Green, on her blog for the Read Me Dead blog tour.  I talk about crafting suspense in a suspense novel, and you get to read another excerpt from the book!  You can visit that here

Also, as you might know (or might not), I’m a blog contributor for YA Indie which was begun by the very lovely, Dalya Moon.  Well, today I discuss why a young adult female protagonist doesn’t have to exactly kick-butt to be loved.  Stop by and check it out.  Weigh in.  Here’s the post.

Did I mention, Read Me Dead has an official date?  If not, it’s APRIL 25TH!  Yay! 

Read Me Dead Blog Tour has begun!

Hi, guys!  As you all may know, I have a new release coming next month!  Yay!  So, what I’ve done now to hype it up some is I’m going on a blog tour!  I’m being hosted by some amazing authors, and the first author, Beth Elisa Harris, has so graciously taken me on for a stop on the Read Me Dead Tour even in the middle of setting up her own blog tour for Soul Herders.  (And, yes, I am a stop along hers as well!  Be excited.  Be very excited!  The first book of hers was AMAZING!)

You can get the first exclusive look at Read Me Dead here.  That include the FIRST CHAPTER!!  Yes, I said it!  The first chapter of Read Me Dead is already out!  Read it now.  What are you still here for?!