Success! Dream it for yourself!

This year, I’m all about setting dreams and goals for myself.  In fact, just the other day, I posted my ideas on setting up dreams and goals for myself on my Inspirational Blog.

But, on this blog, I want to discuss my writing goals – not just personal goals – since this is my writing blog after all.

Okay, so I’m a huge believer in achieving goals that I have for myself.  Me writing them down is more encouragement.  (Previously, I haven’t been writing them down.)  I’m experimenting with how lists now!  Listen to the achiever who was buried deep inside of me!  lol

I’m still a procrastinator, which I’m praying won’t keep me from obtaining my goals for this year.

But, there was something that I heard my pastor’s son say in church, and I asked him to send me the details, that had me thinking about my decision to write down my goals.

Dr. David Cole (Virginia Tech Professor) found the following:
People who wrote their goals earned 9 times as much as those who didn’t.
He asked people “What are your goals for life?”
80% didn’t know.
16% have goals but never have written them down.
4% written their goals but never review them.
1% wrote goals and review them on a weekly basis

Those 1% are millionaires.

Maybe they have the right idea.  So, I’m trying it.  I don’t know if I’ll be a millionaire, but why not?  Why can’t I be one?  I really just want to be a best-seller on something besides just Amazon. 😉  lol

My goals for writing:

  1. Finish Knight’s Academy Book 1 of my Knight’s Academy Trilogy.
  2. Find an agent for it.
  3. Get a big fat advanced check.

Why not?  Why can’t that happen to me?  I’m believing that it will!

So, why not write down your dreams/goals and review them everyday.  Seriously.  What can it hurt?

I’ve decided to write down my goals on a desktop wallpaper because I know for a fact that I’ll see them more that way!  I’m made one up to share on my blogs.  So feel free to save the picture here and edit for yourself!

I wish you success in your writing life and daily life!