Take a Bite Out of Summer Blog Hop!

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Welcome to the Take a Bite Out of Summer Blog Hop!  I just love this time of the year, despite the heat. I just want to jump in a pool, float around with a glass of lemonade while my white Irish skin burns to a crisp. Well, maybe not that last part. I have to use a super-strength sunblock.

But, what can make the summer better than that? Winning new prizes! So, if you’re interested in that, why don’t you check out these blogs for their prizes and enter to win mine below!

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One lucky winner will receive a key chain and an (ebook) ARC of Entertaining Angels (releasing June 24!)

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A Spring in Your Step!

I know that we’ve had a lot going on with the blog, and I hoped that you’ve enjoy it.  🙂  I know that I’ve been super thrilled to show you the amazing new cover for Entertaining Angels, and now, I get to give away a sweet little prize for Candlelight Reads A Spring in Your Step blog hop!

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I love Spring.  It and Fall are my favorite seasons.  I love the crisp chill in the air; the sweet smell of honeysuckles on the bush.  I love the spring honey that locals sell.  I love the bright sunshine!

I celebrate spring by getting outside with my nieces and nephews, usually.  They play and I work — or read.  It doesn’t really matter to me what I do, but I love the cool weather.  If I stay inside, I love raising the window and letting that fresh our around the house!

I’m not wild about the allergies though! 🙂

How do you celebrate spring?EntertainingAngels

If you like to read, then maybe you can win one  of three copies of Entertaining Angels!  It’s not released yet, but you’ll be one of the first to EVER get a copy of the novel without it being in exchange for a review.  (Of course, I do love reviews, so if you want to review, I would love it!)

Enter now and when it’s ready, you’ll receive your own ebook of Entertaining Angels!

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