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The Marked was released back in January, and this month, I wanted to take her on tour!

The Marked is the first book in the Knight’s Academy series, and it has some really good reviews thus far!

About the Book

Myka Williams has never fit in with her peers, and although her adoptive parents are loving and supportive, she feels most at home alone in the woods.

When she’s offered a full scholarship to Knight’s Academy in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, she takes the opportunity for a fresh start. She soon learns that Knight’s Academy is more than just a school. Within the stone walls of the institution, humans and vampires are mixing, and their offspring are going unnoticed.

As Myka falls prey to the evil plan of the school, she makes a chilling discovery about her own heritage and realizes that she’s at the Academy for more than just an education. Myka must yield to her birthright at the risk of losing everyone she loves or succumb to the fate that Knight’s Academy has in store for her—a fate worse than death.

Each day I’ll update the stops right here, so stay tuned!

Monday 2/20 – I stopped by Pages and Hope to talk about birthdays, and Myka’s big birthday in The Marked, with author Laura Grace! Check it out!

Sunrise County Stories did a profile on me and my books!

Meet Olivia Michaels, Myka’s best friend in The Marked, with this character interview!

Tuesday 2/21 – I’m on Amy Manemann’s blog discussing the difference in writing Christian paranormal and just plain ole paranormal books.

Check out this AMAZING 5* review of The Marked by JeanzBookReadNReview! “…if you loved the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead I think you’ll truly enjoy reading this one too!”

Want to know why I write in the paranormal genre? Find out on Stacy Eaton’s blog.

Wednesday 2/22 – Author Sylvia Stein interviewed me the Huffington Post and her personal blog today! Check them out.

Check out this author spotlight by Author Jannette Fuller! I know we’re on tour for The Marked, but if vampires and werewolves aren’t your thing, you might be interested in my angel books!

Thursday 2/23 – Learn more about Myka and Milo in this fun character interview with Belinda Witzenhausen!

Check out an exclusive excerpt on Community Bookstop’s blog!

Friday 2/24 – Meet Myka Williams from The Marked. Check out it out here or here.

The Marked is being spotlighted on The Serious Reader!

I talk about #LiveChosen and how Myka searches for her identity in The Marked.

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Things That Go Bump Hop!

tHINGS tHAT gO bUMP BUTTONI am a pansy.  Seriously.  I don’t like scary movies, books, or things that give me the creepy crawlies.  You know, like spiders. *shivers*  But, here lately, I’ve been finding myself on the side of zombies.  Yeah.  Seriously.  I am in love with World War Z and Warm Bodies!  My dad keeps trying to talk me into watching The Walking Dead, but I’m scared that I’ll have nightmares.  I HATE nightmares. I’m not really sure who likes them though…. Okay, point being, I’m a pansy. 😛

I have recently read a zombie novel by my dear friend, Pauline Creeden, who recently published it, Sanctuary.  (She’s in this hop too, so please stop by and see her blog.  She may be writing about her book.)  I LOVED IT!!  I had the pleasure of proofreading it, and I couldn’t stop reading it!  So, there’s another zombie novel that I loved.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if there was a zombie apocalypse?  I don’t think I’d survive.  Unless I had a lot of bullets and practice with a kill shot to the head.  If that even worked…  There are way too many variables for killing zombies, and I’m not happy with that thought.

I even wrote a novel – that isn’t zombie based or scary in the least – that will hopefully be out next year.  Here’s the first paragraph:

I’m the girl that my friends would throw into a pack of zombies if it meant they could stay alive longer.  Well, they really wouldn’t have to throw me into the zombies.  I’d probably just lag behind.  See, I’m not too thin, and I’m not too pretty.  I’m just me, Madison Andrews, a sixteen year old chubby girl from Nowheresville, Mississippi.

Remember this is unedited.  Some of it has changed in my revisions that I haven’t fixed on my computer document yet.  But still, the essence remains.  This is me.  (Minus the being ten years younger than I am right this moment.)  But I would lag behind and be killed by zombies.  Of course, I wouldn’t want to lag behind and be killed – or worse, become a zombie.

Geez, I hope I don’t have nightmares just thinking about zombies….

Ghosts freak me out real good too… Seriously, who wants to deal with the undead in any form?  Unless they’re sexy vamps, right?  Or are those out?  I hope not, seeing as how I’m writing a vampire novel and hope to get it published soon, but you never know about that, right?

Okay, well, let’s get to the fun part.  I know you’re tired of hearing me ramble on about my fears.  (There are many, so we’ll just skip on to the giveaway part!)

I’m a suspense author, not a paranormal author, but I’m giving away 5 copies of my novels in ebook format!  Read Me Dead and Piercing Through the Darkness.

So, leave me a comment telling me about the thing you fear most, and you could have your choice of novel!  Plus, one lucky winner will get a set of bookmarks (US only). Don’t forget to leave your email address! 🙂

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