Love in Death

Hey guys!

For a while, I’ve been trying my hand at publishing a short story on Wattpad.

Love in Death Cover

It’s a ten-part series, and over the past five weeks, I’ve been releasing it two chapters at a time. Well, today, I finally uploaded the last two chapters! Yay me!

What’s it about, you ask? Well…

Charity’s life is spiraling out of control. She lost her father to cancer, and without him, her life is bleak. She’s given up, finding solace in the bottle.

Gabe, her best friend, tries to snap her out of her depression, worried about her future, and it’s time that he did something about it.

As Charity begins to find handwritten notes from her father, encouraging her to move on without him, she doesn’t understand why he would do this to her.

With Gabe’s help, will Charity realize that life goes on after death and that her father’s spirit will live in her forever? Or will she give up completely?

Read this YA Inspirational piece in its entirety today!

Delivered by Angels is here!

DbA Facebook header

As you may know, Delivered by Angels has been a long time coming. It was supposed to be published through my publisher, but they closed down. Then, I had to scramble to figure out the cover and everything else. My team was amazing, though, and things were quickly figured out.

I want to thank Becki Brannen, Heather Huffman, Amanda Gawthorpe (Editor), and Lisa Brown (proofreader) for helping me out so much while the book was at Vox Dei. They were huge supporters of the series from the get go! I miss you guys!!

My cover designer at Be a Purple Penguin was amazing, and I have to give her a HUGE thanks for helping me out. If you need a cover, please please please consider her! And I have to give props to Adam at for taking care of my paperback and ebook formatting. He’s a great guy. I suggest you consider hiring him as well.

Anyway, I’m super excited that it’s finally come together, only two weeks after the original publication date. And now, you can purchase your copy via Amazon! It’s available through Kindle Unlimited as well. Click on the photo to be taken directly to the link! Also, keep an eyes on my facebook page! Who knows what will be happening over there! *wink wink*

dba ebook cover

About the Book

Determined to escape her abusive father and drunken mother, Lexi Johnson turns to the blade to numb her pain, but it isn’t enough to end her misery. She’s convinced that not even God could save her now.

Roxy Taylor is the new girl in town, and Lexi doesn’t trust her, especially when she teams up with DJ Tucker to try and break down the barriers that Lexi has put in place.

Little does Lexi know, there are greater forces battling for her life, and as Lexi begins to open up to both Roxy and DJ, she’ll see that she isn’t alone in this world.

In the heart-pounding sequel to Entertaining Angels, everyone’s favorite angel, Zach Taylor, is back, and he’s there to make sure that Madison and Chase Sanders are on the path that God has chosen for them, a path that could deliver Lexi from the demons who want her soul.

**Delivered by Angels deals with depression, suicide, and self-harm. It’s meant to show people that they aren’t alone. If they’re feeling this suicidal, there is help. You can always call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or you can reach out to local pastors for help. You can even submit a prayer request to me. You are not alone.