Character Spotlight of Lumónd from The Surrogate Sea!

Who’s Lumónd and why is he on your blog, you ask? Well, Lumónd just happens to be one of my favorite characters. Do you remember when I wrote about loving the moon in a review? Yeah, this is him!

Author Danielle Shipley is touring her book baby, The Surrogate Sea, this week, and she sent over a profile of my book crush!

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Now, who is Lumónd? Why the moon of course.

Laraspur marveled. “Wherever did you learn to do such a thing?”

“Learn?” Lumónd scoffed. “I am the Moon. The extent of my power is mine to know.”

Few could have guessed, when first we met him in “The Sun’s Rival”, just how powerful Lumónd truly is. Next to his brother the Sun, the Moon may appear to be the lesser of Welken’s two kings – even, sometimes, in his own estimation. But while he may have total command of fewer servants among the world’s elements, he is hardly lacking in authority.

In between the convoluted shenanigans taking place in the world below, Book Six gives us a closer look at Lumónd’s role as lord of the night Sky through the eyes of its new queen, Laraspur. More than only relight the stars every night, the Moon shows a unique understanding of their properties – or, one might go so far as to say, their magic. How he uses a star to grant his wife a special wish came as an awe-inspiring surprise to Laraspur; and the recurring theme of the stars’ essence in the book as a whole came as a surprise to me. (Not even the author can foresee every turn a story will take!)

And let us not forget the greatest element who names Lumónd her master: The Great Sea herself. With him as keeper of the tides, a tale that centers on the passing of the Sea’s power from its rightful owner to a human princess cannot go without the Moon’s involvement for long. Sooner or later, all culpable parties are going to have to answer to Lumónd for the havoc they’ve wrought – and woe betide any who incite the revelation of the Moon’s dark side.

See it all for yourself in “The Surrogate Sea (Book Six of The Wilderhark Tales)”, available now!

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5 luminous stars!

Seriously. These books just keep getting better and better!

Danielle Shipley has done it again, and by again, I mean written a book that totally tugged at my heartstrings and made me love her characters more and more!

The Surrogate Sea keeps to the tradition of The Sun’s Rival by making parts of the earth, sky, and water come to life in human form. Princess Liliavaine is in search for more than a human to love. She’s gotten the taste of the fantastic, and she wants more from her life. But when she receives more is it enough? Ionquin wants more for himself as well, having realized that his adventure with Laraspur had changed him. Not to mention falling in love with the one person he never expected to. Murigian just wants love, and when Lily comes in search of more, Murigan devises a plan to make the fantastic happen for Lily so she can go in pursuit of her one true love. The West Wind and the South Wind both have a specific agenda, and they will stop at nothing to get what it is they most desire – love.

As these journeys all transcribe into one fantastic love story. Some will get hurt, some will fall in love, and some will change forever. What happens is one amazing story rolled into a fantastic fairy tale – The Surrogate Sea.

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Cover Reveal: Secret Voices by Lynn Donovan

Yesterday, you all saw one of the books I really enjoyed by Samantha Lafantasie. Today, I introduce you to Lynn Donovan. She’s another one of my favorite authors! I must admit, I’m behind on her books, though. I really need to catch up! But, she’s provided us with a guest post.

Welcome, Lynn!

Thank you, Emerald, for having me on your Blog today. And thank you for helping me get the word out about my latest book, Secret Voices. The Cover Reveal began Monday, March 9th, with pre-orders available at and the book will be released March 31.


I’m really excited to get this book out. It’s the third in my Spirit of Destiny series and has an underlying theme about mistakes turning into blessings, which I think we all need to recognize in our lives. Who hasn’t made a mistake or a bad decision, which had ripple effects throughout our lives? But what I’m saying is: even small, insignificant things can make a huge impact on the blessings God is able to put in our lives, or other’s, all because of our initial action. In other words, with God, a mistake can become the cornerstone to something amazing, which could never have happened without that initial event.

In my book, we meet Phyllis Moore, the main character’s mother, who, in desperation, has sought to overcome a fertility problem and has found she is now “too pregnant.” For her own safety, she agrees to have the five thriving embryos deduced to two. But, the two become one and she delivers an only child, Keisha. Guilt and regret consumes her when she witnesses Keisha talking to the four named children she reduced from the pregnancy. Phyllis feels her child is cursed because of her mistake, but… (and I won’t spoil the story) twenty-two years later, these four voices, heard only by Keisha, know things that could help her rescue her fiancé, Clifford Valdez. Her nightmare is deciding whether or not to reveal this secret she has kept hidden all her life, in order to save the man she loves.

I’m reminded of the little boy and his two fishes and five loaves in the story of Jesus’ sermon on the mound. I think about the mother who made that little lunch for her son. She made it for him so that he could go out and listen to this man they called Jesus. I am positive she had made this very same little lunch for him many, many times. She had no idea, on this day, the little routine lunch she put together would become a legacy in the history of Jesus’ miracles.

This makes my point. How many little routine things do we do that seem insignificant but turn out to be so much bigger than we could possibly imagine? Things we might never think twice about. A smile we offer to a person we pass. The pause we give to allow someone to move over in front of us on the street. I’m a tall gal, so I always encounter short people in the grocery store struggling to reach something, and I will pull it down for them…no big deal…or was it? Did God do something with that gesture? This side of eternity, I have no idea.

For my fictional character, Phyllis, what Satan meant for evil, God turned into something Good. It’s amazing how God works in our lives to do just that. I hope someday I will be able to see what little things done in my life were used by God to bless others. Until then, I try to remember the possibility.  I hope you will too.

Again, thank you for having me here, today, Emerald. You are a blessing to me and I wish you all the best.

Thanks for joining me, Lynn! I can’t wait to read this book either. :)

You can learn more about Lynn on her blog,, follow her on Twitter @MLynnDonovan, at M Lynn Donovan, Face Book at MLDonovan, her Face Book Author page at LynnDonovanFGG and her website:


To purchase Lynn’s books, go to her author page on Amazon.comBarnes and NobleSmashwords, Kobo, and other online book stores.