Meet the New Face of Piercing Through the Darkness

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers!  This is post 101!  YAY.  For my 100th post, I shared a character interview by the talented Melissa Foster and her novel, Come Back to Me, and although that was special, I wanted to do something else!

Since Piercing Through the Darkness needed a new cover and after my photographer friend, Zeeshan Sattar, gave me permission to use whichever photo of his I wanted to, I chose this one and edited it.

Meet the new (e-book) cover for Piercing Through the Darkness

And, to celebrate the new book cover and 1o1 posts of my blog, the first ten people who leave a comment that includes their email address (and hopefully something nice!) will receive a Smashwords’ code for a free download of the e-book!  And remember, you can always download a few of my short stories for free at Smashwords.  Just check out this page.  And to learn more about Piercing Through the Darkness, visit this page.

*Note: If your comment doesn’t show up, it may have gone to spam or needs to be approved.  Hold tight. I’ll approve it!  Also, you can DM me on Twitter to let me know!


15 thoughts on “Meet the New Face of Piercing Through the Darkness

      1. Oh yes please! I’d be reading it on my computer (no Kindle…) so is there a basic ebook format or something? I did download a reader program and have used it successfully (once)!


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