Suzie Ivy, Bad Luck Cadet, joins us for the Holiday Sirens Event

Princess Cop and Bad Luck Cadet, Suzie Ivy

It is with great pleasure that I introduce, Author Suzie Ivy, who is a participant in the Holiday Sirens Event.  She’s  a writer, Police Detective, and grandmother. Her granddaughter dubbed her Princess Cop. With a slightly crooked tiara she mixes humor, real life adventure and loves to laugh at herself more than anyone else. She writes true crime, memoir and next year will have a vampire romance coming out. Why vampires? Because she loves to be taken away from reality. 

Welcome, Suzie! 

Can you tell us about yourself?

More than anything, I love being happy. At 45, I found myself unhappy and decided I needed to make major changes so I went to the Police Academy. I know this wouldn’t be most people’s choice but it was the most incredible thing I have ever done. I am now a detective and specialize in homicide and sex crimes. Who knew? I write to keep my sense of humor and to share the struggles and incredible rewards of my demanding career.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer and published author?

I think it was when I read my first full book, Pippi Longstocking, so maybe twelve-years-old. I am dyslexic so I started reading very late in childhood. Pippi is my all-time favorite fictional hero, followed by Anne from Anne of Green Gables! It must be the red hair. Mine is blonde (with a little gray if you must go there).

Who is your favorite author?

So many to choose from but today I will say Christopher Moore for his book Lamb, tomorrow I would give a different answer.

What is your writing routine like?  Do you like to listen to music?  Work in complete silence?

On my days off, writing is my focus and I begin with a cup of coffee, my writing plush recliner, and laptop. I have writing music queued on my IPod. I love Scottish bagpipes, harp and flute. I mix in some classical. If I’m struggling with something, I switch to rock and roll, Buck Cherry being my contemporary favorite and everything 70’s classic rock. If I’m writing something deep (sad) I listen to Elvis Presley. I know this mix of music makes no sense but it’s how I roll.

What’s your book about?

Bad Luck Cadet is my true life adventure of going to the police academy at age 45. It chronicles my ups and downs as I become a new person, with new thinking, and discover what I’m really made of. The book is written like a fiction novel but is actually a memoir. I promise you will laugh, cry and cheer with me as I change my life. Bad Luck Officer will be released on Jan. 13th 2012, Friday the 13th and the best day for Bad Luck!       

If you had to pick a theme song for your book, what would it be?

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

What was your inspiration for your book?

This is the best question you have asked and the easiest to answer. MY MOTHER! When I was young, she told me I would see a female President in my lifetime and there was no reason I could not be President. It may be my future bestselling book…Bad Luck President.


Which character in your novel do you relate most with?

Since the book is about me, it would be my academy nick name, Mama Ivy. I’m a mother, grandmother and healer by nature. I carry this with me to my job every day. It never fails to make life interesting. I drive strict, uptight cops CRAZY. It’s my life’s ambition:-)

How did the “Bad Luck” name begin?

The day after I became a detective I had my first homicide (1st murder in 20 years in my small town). I was named lead investigator for the case and it gained national attention. Truthfully it wasn’t good attention! Nine months later, my Sergeant and I solved a serial killer case (two unsolved murders in our county, over a two year period, and the murder of a teenager in our city limits). While having a relatively short career in comparison with other detectives, getting these type cases, I became known as Bad Luck (I’ve always thought my guys were being humorous). In three years, I am five for five in solved homicides and none of these cases were clear cut. The Discovery Channel won’t leave me alone but hey, I’m a writer and these are my stories to tell.

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Stop by the Holiday Sirens event for more interviews and books to choose from for the holidays!  Load up that new Kindle, and have a very “Siren-y” Christmas!

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  1. Suzie Ivy

    Thank you for the wonderful intevriew! I appreciate all you’ve done for me and Holiday Sirens. I hope (!!!) we work together in the future.


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