Being an #author is hard! A dose of #inspiration

Difficult -- Writer

I came across this picture while procrastinating and browsing Facebook the other day.  I have a problem with finding these cute little pictures and pretending that I’m “social mediaing” by sharing them.  😛 Who am I kidding?  It just gives me a reason not to write and procrastinate because my characters have a flippin’ mind of their own…

Anyway, I digress.

I had this silly daydream that being an author was easy back in high school.  Oh how that image was shot when I actually started writing more than a silly journal about a crush I had on this guy.

It’s so much more than just writing.  It’s about listening to your gut, and then listening to your editor.  It’s about learning to grow along with your characters.  It’s about not quitting when every fiber of your being wants you to.  When you get beat down and discouraged, it’s about learning to deal with the pain, finding peace in the Almighty, and moving on!

This is our calling.  We wouldn’t have stories within us if we weren’t supposed to write them.  And no matter how difficult it is, we’re writers.  We’ve chosen this life, and I dare you to try and quit.  You can’t.  (Trust me.  I have first hand experience!)

We’re meant to write.  To entertain others.  To uplift and encourage others.  Whatever you write, know that no matter how difficult it is, it is so worth it!

I know I’m probably being weird, but I thought a dose of inspiration was needed.  I needed the encouragement because I’m having a hard time putting fingers to keyboard and knocking out my new novel.  It’s hard to write, but it needs to be written.  Doesn’t make it any easier though.

So, wherever you are in your writing life.  No matter how discouraging it can be, know that you’re loved.  You’re brilliant, and you’re meant to do this!  You got this!

I ❤ you!   tumblr_mpnmcoUPZ11rdts52o1_400



8 thoughts on “Being an #author is hard! A dose of #inspiration

  1. Another wonderful post and it is like you can read my mind. I also have issues with procrastination when it comes to writing and this post just reminded me that I love writing and I need to keep at it! I also agree that quitting is not an option. I have also been there and I know my stories have to be told and I need to just let it happen. I have been working on my first psychological novel for awhile but until recently I can really see that it will happen. Thanks for the advise my friend and God bless you! I so needed to read this!

    Much love,



      1. Dear Emerald,

        Your mod welcome and thanks for your kind words. You are an amazing writer and means so much that you are looking forward to my novel. I am so looking forward to yours!

        Hugs and love,



  2. Another great blog post. You’re very right, writing is one of the hardest, most frustrating, rewarding things we will ever do. In my book it’s right up there with teaching and preaching. I want to quit at least once a week ,until I get into the story again then I can’t seem to think of anything I’d rather be doing.


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